Chapter 52 |The kids go to who?|

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|Minah's pov|

"Minah.....I'm happy you feel that way about me because I felt that way about you and maybe I can finally have my chance" he said 

"So are you my boyfriend" I asked

"Well yes I am" he said 

"But what about the babies" I asked

"I'll help you through this and make sure they're healthy before we give them to Yongguk" he said 

"I just wanna keep one" I said

"Talk to him about it" he said 

"When" I asked

"When you feel like it's time" he said

|Yongguk's pov|

I sighed as i finsihed our new song and walked out the studio but i was stopped by Zelo.

"What's up" i said 

"I found you someone and she said that you can have full rights of the babies when they are born but Minah has to be there to sign the agreement paper and they'll no longer be in her care" he explained 

"Is there anyway we can both meet her and sign before than" i said

"Yes you can meet her in the afternoon" he said 

|Jongup's pov|

"Now Daehyun since Ri decided to lose full contact with you this girl is a friend of mine so respect her Elli is a nice girl" i said 

"I got this" he said 

"Okay and you might love being with her since she is very cool just be sure to not mess this up if you need anything I'll be at the table over there" I said pointing 

|Daehyun's pov|

A cute girl walked my way and sat in front of me.

"Daehyun right" she smiled

"Yeah you must be Elli" I said 

"That's me Jongup has told me a lot about you and I just had to see it for myself" she said

"I hope you heard good stuff about me" I smiled

"Of course I did and he seems to have not lied about you being handsome" she said 

"I'm happy you think i'm handsome, Could I get you a coffee or anything" I asked

"Cheesecake and coffee would be nice" she said 

"I'll be back" I smiled getting up

Maybe this was meant and Ri wasn't meant for me. 

|Minah's pov|

I was cuddled up with Inseong in the bed just talking and laughing I felt happier and all my sadness faded. I loved him and I would never let him go.

"So did you ever talk to Yongguk over the phone" he asked 

"Not yet but I plan to if we get to keep one, I think we should take the girl I mean I'll always love them both the same but Yongguk needs a son that he can teach things to" I said 

"I understand, I love the name I picked out for her her name gonna be Bang like after he father" he asked 

"I don't know Inseong but I can't wait for your foot to get better so we can go on dates it'll be the best love story ever" I kissed him

The kiss soon turned into a make out session soon we heard people whispering and I seen the guys.

"Oh guys" I said raising up

"Sorry to ruin the mood but we came to check on Inseong and it look's like Hyung is doing just fine" Chani smirked

"Knock before you come in" he said 

"We did so we ended up picking the lock and getting in because we thought maybe you had fallen asleep but no it just turns out you and her are sucking faces" Taeyang said 


"Let me know how it goes" Inseong smiled

"I will but if we can change her name should we name her Kim after you"  I asked

"I would love that" he said 

I kissed him bye and got a taxi i made it to the office and walked in to see Yongguk sitting in the chair.

"I'm here" i said

"It's nice to meet you Minah please have a seat"  she said

I sat in the chair beside Yongguk.

"So you both are here today because you both want to sign rights over to Yongguk here" she said 

"Yes Ma'am but I need to talk to him real quick" i said

"What" he said 

"Me and Inseong would like to have rights to the little girl, You can have our son but i would really like to have our daughter, He named her Yongguk and you can have the boy" i said

"Fine" he said

We both looked at her.

"I'll have rights of the little girl and he'll have rights for the little boy" i said

"Okay let me get everything set up right here so take these papers and pens and please do some signing" she smiled before looking back at the computer. 

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