Chapter 50 |The day it happens|

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|Minah's pov|

"I'm home" I opened the door but my smile faded as I looked at everything

"Inseong" I called out

No response it worried me the coffee table glass was broken and everything was knocked over. I walked to the room and seen Inseong but he was in the bed with a bruised face. Yet his foot looked worse. How could he sleep like this. 

"Inseong" I shook him

"Hmm" he woke up raising up

"What happened why is my place messed up and why are you bruised up and your foot looks" I asked

"Yongguk.....he came by and it irritated me he took the first hit but sadly I couldn't fight back my foot wasn't working to well for that, So here I am pretty much ruined I'll buy you a new coffee table I'm sorry, Maybe me being here was a mistake I can always go back to the dorm" he said sighing 

"No Inseong you being here was never a mistake and I loved your company right now though I can't stress with the babies but I'll be sure to talk it out with Yongguk"  I said 

He smiled.

"But for now you'll let me treat you to some food and I'll clean and be out to meet with Yongguk about this" I smiled

|Yunia's pov|

I tossed my bag over and I sighed my mom was cooking and my dad was reading a book. 

"You're back" they said

"Yeah I know" I said 

"Did you talk to Jongup" my father asked

"Yes I met him before I came back to my house" I rolled my eyes

I hated how they acted like I didn't love Jongup or like our life together is a mistake when all of it is a blessing. I hated my parents because I let them always choose for me and this time I was gonna do that for myself. 

"Invite him over" my mother said

"Why so you can talk shit to his face?, If he's coming over the whole damn crew is" I said grabbing my phone 

|Soomin's pov|

My phone buzzed I got a text from Yunia.

Yunia: Hey!, Come over tonight for dinner and bring everyone with you, Honestly don't even ask why my piece of shit mother wants that, Just take care and show up tonight love you!

I smiled soon the bell from the door caught my attention I opened it.

"Welcome to Kings and Queens jewelry store how may I help you" I asked 

"Yes I wanna ask my 4 year girlfriend to marry me but sadly I can't figure out what fits her taste and honestly I'm afraid she'll reject me" he said 

"Well sir it's all about love not the cost of the ring or the way it looks but I will help you find a ring" I said walking out from behind the counter 

We looked at rings and he pointed towards a gold one.

"That ring sir was made in Paris, Shipped to Korea and sold here due to it being so popular everyone buys these, They have such a shine that she'll love, It was a at the top 10 charts for best marriage ring and it ranked 3rd, You could buy it why it's here or do you not have her finger size" I explained to him

"I don't" he said 

"Well I'll take it out and put it on hold until you do thank you for shopping with us" I smiled

He walked out and soon I looked up to see Himchan he had roses and gave me the sweetest smile. 

"Shouldn't you be working" I asked 

"Yeah but since we're on a break I wanna spend every time I got with the girl I love" he said 

|Night/ Minah's pov|

"I trust you boys not to mess up my apartment" I said 

"We won't and besides me and Rowoon know what we're doing with Inseong" Zuho said

"Okay thank you guys I'll be back" I smiled

I walked out and got a taxi to Yunia's house I seen that everyone was here and I knocked. A man opened the door which I assumed was her father. 

"Come on in" he said 

I walked in and sat at the table with everyone.

"Yongguk" I said 

The room fell silent he gave me a cold stare.

"Stare at me as cold and hateful as you want but honestly that was messed up what you did to Inseong" I said

"What do you mean sometimes it's best to hit the target and I did" he said sipping his drink

I smiled trying not to fight right here and then.

"So Yunia tell us more about Jongup" Her father eyed him

"Jongup is a talented Idol who seems to have no time for you, Dad if you hate him that much you see how I feel when I look at you" she said

"Yunia stop talking to your father like that" her mom said

"You know what" she said slamming her fist down

"What" her mother said 

"I'm sick and tired of this why we're here trying to avoid the fact that we all have secrets, Jongup you won't even stand up for me" Yunia said 

"Babe it's your family and it's not my job to get in between you guys fighting" he said 

"I have something to confess" Mia said

Daehyun choked on his food a bit as he shook his head no.

"Me and Daehyun.....we slept together, I don't know how it happened but it did and Youngjae I never meant to hurt you" Mia said 

"You slept with that bitch" Ri said

"Who are you calling a bitch" Mia said 

"You" Ri said getting pissed

"Wait guys please stop" Yeri stood up

"Shut up Yeri I bet you didn't tell Youngjae about the child you have" Mia said

"What" Youngjae said 

"You picked someone who has a child what a waste" Yongguk said

"Waste?, Yongguk me and You clearly had sex because we were drunk not because we loved each other, Honestly you have no room to talk and hitting Inseong got you on the bad side right now" I said

"Is it because you love that guy more than me" he said getting angry

"Bitch you don't even love me" I said 

Everyone soon started to fight until we heard a thud and looking at the ground was Soomin. It made all of us shut up.

"See what you did" Himchan stood up

We looked at him.

"Stress isn't good for any babies but yet you all keep fucking fighting until nothing can be said, You all need group therapy, No matter a fact it's all Minah's fault, We were best friends until she came along, Sometimes I wonder why out of all girls Yongguk chose her, Everyone just go and don't even talk to me" Himchan said picking up Soomin

I stood up.

"I'm done with you Yongguk....I wanna be with Inseong where his group accepts me" I said

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