Chapter 36 |Girls night out|

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|Soomin's pov|

I was getting ready for tonight why the guys were gonna spend time together we were going out.I was doing this for Yeri after what happened to her and Youngjae she could use it.

|Yongguk's pov|

I walked in the room to see Minah she was still in bed but she just was sad.

"Baby you can't be like this all day" I sat down rubbing her back

"It just hurts oppa" she said

"I know but this isn't something Sarah would want I bet if she was here she would tell you to stop and that you would make the babies stress, All though she did somethings wrong I know she really loves you and you guys will always be best friends" I said 

I heard a knock I looked towards the door to see Youngjae with his suitcase.

|Minah's pov|

"Are you busy" he asked

"No" Yongguk spoke

"Could I have some words with Minah" he said

"Go ahead" Yongguk smiled as he walked out closing the door

I raised up and Youngjae hugged me patting my back.

"You know Minah things have to change and this isn't gonna be for you I promise I will do anything you ask" he smiled 

"Could you please put this picture of us in her coffin"  I passed the photo

He nodded his head holding on to the picture.

"When will you be back" I asked

"Probably tomorrow if everything works out" he said

"Well stay safe and please Youngjae...forgive Yeri" I spoke

"I-I will think about it" he sighed

He helped me up.

"Now you ladies go have a nice night out here in Hawaii and have a blast I promise you will have an amazing time" he said

"I will now thanks to you" I smiled 

He walked out the house and I started to get ready.Yongguk walked back in.

"So where are you going tonight" he asked

"Well according to what I was told Soomin planned this night out so whatever she planned" I said

He kissed me.

"Stay safe and let me know you're okay" he said

"I will" I kissed him back

|Time Skip/Yunia's pov|

We were pretty much in a taxi thinking of where to go until it hit me.

"I heard tonight they will be having a party and we should go, the drinks, male strippers, dances and music it's gonna be a blast from the past" I smiled

"Won't Jongup get upset with this idea" Wendy asked

"I have no idea but let's do it" I smiled

"You know Yunia sometimes you come up with the dumbest ideas but I am down with it" she smiled

We pulled up the party and people were already getting it on the dance floor.

"Okay so tonight you will let loose" I said

|Ri's pov|

I was nervous to be here in the building with idols but it felt empty knowing Daehyun was far from me.I bumped into someone but he quickly helped me back up.

"Sorry, It's my fault" I said

"No it's my fault I was in a rush to get back to my band" he smiled

"Oh I know you...You're Jae from Day6 right?" I smiled

"Yeah how did you know" he asked 

"I play guitar also and duh you guys pretty much made me wanna become an idol" I said

"Well I would be glad to teach you, If Park Jinyoung is fine with that" he said

"I would love to" I sighed

"You seem unhappy wanna talk" he asked

|Time Skip|

We walked out the shop with our late night ice cream.

"So Daehyun got mad because you wanted to stay here and follow your dreams? But isn't that like unfair if you let him follow his" he licked his ice cream

"It just doesn't feel right I feel like no one even supports me in this" I said

"Well Ri, I want you to know that I support you and I will back you up with whatever you choose in life, Never let anyone stop you and that dream can become true, Sometimes it can take forever for a person to understand you and maybe that's what's happening with you and Daehyun" he said

I felt myself smile inside.

"We should go back before we get in trouble" he said

"Y-Yeah we should" I smiled

|Soomin's pov|

All the girls were out of control and honestly I couldn't keep up with them anymore.Wendy is pretty much dancing on a pole with a male stripper.Minah and Yunia are singing to random guys.Yeri is drinking and dancing with a random guy.Mia is dancing with Wendy and the stripper.I sighed this was gonna be one long night.

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