Chapter 38 |Secrets fall|

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|Minah's pov|

I was outside of the house now after hours of walking around when all of a sudden I noticed another suitcase.I walked in the house to spot everyone in the living room drinking and laughing.Making jokes and catching up I seen Sarah.

"Hello" they all said

Including Yongguk who was drinking and having an amazing time with everyone.

"Sarah weren't you dead" I asked

"I faked my death and now i'm going onto another chapter and this time a new and clean one" she smiled making eye contact with Youngjae

I could see the pain in Yeri's eyes the sign of a broken heart.

"You have to be fucking kidding me" I laughed like I was going crazy

"What" she said

"First you meet Youngjae, Leave him, Not even caring about his pain or mine, Youngjae breaking Yeri's heart, Me and Yongguk fighting, Soomin not telling Himchan the fucking truth, Wendy has an illness, Jongup lying to Yunia, Yunia lying to Jongup, Zelo lying to Yongguk and now this shit, You fucking faked your death" I said clearly not even having a feeling

"You lied to me" Yunia said looking at Jongup

"You lied to me" Jongup said getting angry

"I'll spill this right now so I can show you guys no one is happy" I said 

They stayed silent.

"Himchan It breaks me to tell you this because you are willing to try and Soomin is talking to the father of her children and now they are thinking about getting with each other" I said

Himchan walked out the house with Soomin following behind him.

"Jongup, Yunia is planning on leaving you for her family's happiness, Yunia, Jongup has been off with another girl behind your back" I said

"How could you" Yunia slapped him

She walked out the house Jongup went ahead and followed her giving me a glare.

"Yeri is fucking heartbroken because she loves you Youngjae but yet you go with this 2 faced bitch Sarah" I spat

Yeri walked in the bedroom slamming it behind her causing Youngjae to walk in there.

"Daehyun, Ri is hanging out with Jae and she seems to be talking to him a lot I found it because someone told me" I said

Daehyun dropped his drink out of shock and started to cry as he walked out the house.

"Mia, Your date didn't call you ugly, Wendy called you ugly and ruined your date" I said

Wendy couldn't say anything and Mia left.

"Zelo and Wendy, You both need to rethink your choices because I bet you she didn't tell you that her ex is paying for her meds and that he told her she didn't need you and she agreed" I said

Zelo looked at her in disgust leaving, Wendy walked to the bedroom slamming the door.

"You faked your death so you can fucking leave because you disappoint me" I said

Sarah walked out the back door last was Yongguk.

"and you, you broke me down to this point bet you can't handle it" I said

"You know Minah maybe you should go back to Seoul because things will take forever to cool off" he walked away

I was shocked not the kind of response I was looking for.

|3rd persons pov|

Everyone was fighting in or outside or away from the house.Soomin begging Himchan for a chance.Yunia and Jongup fighting and crying.Daehyun crying his heart out.Mia supporting Daehyun and letting him know it will be okay.Sarah fighting with Yeri and Youngjae.Youngjae wanting to fix it with Yeri.Yeri wanting to get rid of Sarah.Zelo fighting with Wendy.Minah packing for Seoul and Yongguk laying in bed thinking.The fighting was a lot to handle.The secrets fell because of Minah.

"Sorry" she cried whispered

She was sick of them fighting and soon made sure she fixed this problem before she could leave.She made a house meeting and everyone sat down.

"Why the hell are we here" Soomin asked

"To let me explain" Minah said nervous

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