Chapter 56 |Another Loss|

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|Soomin's pov|

I winced in pain tears streaming down my face it was midnight and Himchan was out with the guys. I screamed and it got worse as I got out of bed I was to weak to walk. I reached my hand up on the bed trying to grab my phone. It didn't work so I thought of gently getting downstairs to the house phone. I slipped and rolled down the stairs.

"Hello Soomin" a female voice said

"Help....please" I cried

"No can do" she smirked

I couldn't see her face in the dark.

"Please help me" I cried even harder

"I think I'll let you be" she walked out the house

I cried in the floor I felt a puddle underneath as I wiped my fingers across it I raised it up into the moonlight. The color was red I'm bleeding and no one can save me.

|Ri's pov|

I was heading over to Soomin's house I bought her some cake I got the house key from Himchan. I sighed unlocking the door it was silent and dark.

"Soomin" I said 

I turned on the light but the sight of Soomin made me drop the bag quickly rushing over. She was passed out and with blood. I called the ambulance after hours of holding her in my arms they walked in the house.

"What happened" the man asked

"I don't know, I walked in the house and she was here like this" I felt tears fall

"We have to take her" the man said

She was taken out of my arms once they left the house I looked at her blood on my hands. The tears fell harder.

|Time Skip|

It was currently 1 in the morning the door opened and Himchan rushed over I stood up hugging him.

"Is she going to be okay" I asked

"I don't know, Just come to the hospital with me" he said 

I did as he said and got in the car with him.

|Soomin's pov|

I sighed the nurse walked in.

"The doctor is out for the night so I'll be taking care of you if you have anything you would like to know just ask me now" she smiled

"I was bleeding what happened" I asked

"Ma'am I honestly would hate to tell you this and deep down It breaks my heart but....the cause of this is something normal by now, They died, You were doing good yet we just couldn't save them and you lost them, I'm sorry" she said

I felt tears fall.

"I'll bring you something to eat" she hugged me before walking out

The door opened and Himchan walked in with Ri. I explained to them both. They hugged me and Ri said she had a plan. I was broken. Very broken.

|Minah's pov|

I sighed walking down the stairs i turned on the light opening the door to see Ri. She wiped her tears telling me everything and hugged me. She told me the plan.

"Okay me and Inseong will be there tomorrow, Please make sure Soomin and Himchan are holding up right" i said

"I will but I'm heading home for bed" she said

As she walked away i closed the door walking upstairs Inseong was still sleeping i smiled to myself kissing his head. I laid back down going to sleep.

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