Chapter 29 |Plans gone wrong|

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|Minah's pov|

Me and Yongguk made everyone dress nice and meet us at a fancy restaurant they were so ready to know the gender.The guys were happy to be uncles and the girls were happy to be aunts.

"Here is all of your wine glasses let me know when the whole party gets here and i will take yoru order" she said

"Wait" Yongguk picked up the glass

"Yes sir" she said

"My wife is pregnant could you please bring her like water or something" he said

She smiled my heart fluttered at the word "Wife" does he wanna date longer so we can get married.Everyone walked in and sat at the table the women came back with my water.

"My girlfriend needs some water also" Himchan said

The women took the glass and brought back another before taking out her mini notepad.

"What would you like to eat" she asked

Me and Soomin started to order extra of everything which was gonna cost a lot and everyone else ordered some food also.I was happy with everything i ordered.

|Wendy's pov|

Zelo sat there the whole time waiting for the food without talking or even making eye contact with us.I sighed and took his phone away.

"What was that for" he asked

"You need to talk to me because you have been ignoring me for these past few days look i'm so sorry for getting you sick and making you have the surgery which i will confess was my fault, and i was so worried about me and dancing that i didn't take the time to be with you and act like the girl you wanted, i must be an awful girlfriend" i said

"Who said i thought of you like that" he said

Everyone stopped talking and looked at us i felt tears run down my face.

"Oh well i thought what we had was real but i guess not" i stood up

I grabbed mg bag.

"Sorry but i must go and besides it's fine Zelo i have studies tomorrow so bye guys" i said

"Wendy" Soomin said

See you guys sometime soon just text me the gender of the baby" i faked a smile

(Yongguk's pov)

Once Wendy left Zelo went after her but she already got in a cab Himchan and Soomin ended up leaving, Jongup and Yunia left along.Everyone was gone except Ri and Daehyun, Youngjae and Yeri.

"Why they left can we know what to buy the baby" Yeri smiled

"Okay um their twins 1 boy and 1 girl" Minah annouced

They cheered for her and i held her hand we ate even the food everyone ordered but left.

"Do you think Zelo and Wendy worked it out" Minah asked

"Highly doubt" I shrugged

(Wendy's pov)

I sat in the girls bathroom the blood stained the sink the tears fell i knew i was ugly and worthless.Cutting myself to feel pain again and again.Getting my heartbroken, i use to get beat by my now ex.

"What a shame i am *Cuts* What a worthless animal i am *Cuts*" Every word i would cut

I kept cutting until a voice had me shaking.

"What the hell" Zelo said

Now i knew i was in big trouble because the sound of his voice was anger.

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