Chapter 32 |Almost like a honeymoon|

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|Ri's pov|

I had packed my stuff since we are leaving tonight for Hawaii I made sure I packed everything that was needed.I was so happy inside but I suddenly remembered I would have my last audition tomorrow.I was going to be a trainee under JYP if I passed this last audition.I unpacked my things I can't go not right now even with my dream on the line.

|Daehyun's pov|

We all sat in the plane why everyone was waiting for others to get on I waited but no sign of Ri.Mia sat beside me instead.

"Daehyun why isn't Ri here" she asked

"I don't know but I gotta text her before we leave" I said

I took out my phone texting her.

Hey! Where are you? We are on the plane waiting for you and you haven't showed yet we might leave, Are you tying to get here on time????

Sorry Daehyun, I have to stay I have my last audition tomorrow! I forgot to tell you but I might be a trainee under JYP If I pass and I have to stay to pass this! I feel bad for not telling you before but I didn't think straight!

You should have told me things would have been easy! I was so happy to spend time with you and now I am going to Hawaii with a bunch of love birds! Now I have no choice but to ignore you

Babe don't be like that

No go ahead and be the fucking trainee you wanted to be clearly it was better when me and you could have spent sometime together!

Oh my god what are you 5? Stop acting like a child and be an adult you blame me for everything that's why when we first met it didn't work out you always think I was the one that did something to you when all I wanted to do was something for you!

Stop texting me!!! I'll just spend time with myself or whoever since you might get in the company just to be with Mark!


Don't play dumb! I seen your text between him you both talked about meeting each other and finally being happy together! After wanting to be with you and have a good time I am starting to think you and Sarah run a close race! Now Goodbye!

I put my phone down Mia sighed.

"He didn't show he said I was ugly" she said

"Ri didn't show either" I said

She made a fist I fist bumped her.

"Welcome to the singles club Daehyun, Might as well get use to it" she said

"Oh I have" I laughed

|Time Skip/Zelo's pov|

I was nervous to talk about Wendy's illness because she might of not been comfortable with me talking about it.We were currently at some beach house that Jongup had got us with the help of Himchan.

"Wendy we need to talk" I stopped her from walking in the house

"Yes" she smiled

"I just want you to be honest with me about your illness and honestly how you really feel, baby you don't have to smile all the time in front of me it's okay to cry everyone does it at a point of time so never force yourself to be happy around me because I will love you no matter what" I said 

"I understand but it's the only way I can cover my pain and after everything in my life it's hard to be stable" she said

"Well we need to get you some therapy lessons to fix this because the more you let the past haunt you is the more you hurt let me just say I will never let anyone harm you in this life and I would never let anyone even get close to you if they were to harm you" I smiled

"I understand Zelo so I will be more honest from now on" she said

She hugged me I walked in to see Mia and Daehyun already drinking some wine and relaxing.

"Okay guys well me and Yongguk are already gonna go to bed we're tired" Minah walked off

"Don't have another baby" Himchan joked

"Fuck off you asshole" she laughed 

As she closed the bedroom door I sighed me and Wendy went to our bedroom and fixed our stuff.As soon as we finished we laid down.

"Oppa I have something I need to come clean about" she said

The sound of her voice showed no happiness but yet disappointment I couldn't tell if it was in herself or me.I couldn't tell what made her so down but on the other hand it could be something wrong.

"What" I looked at her

"I-I wanna have a family too like Minah and Yongguk" she said

I nearly choked, LORD HELP ME.


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