Chapter 33 |We're not ready|

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I couldn't find words and Wendy laid there looking at me waiting for my answer.I had to be honest with her and as much as i hate to say it i have too.

"Sorry Wendy but we're not ready, If we had a child i would have to take care of it why you were at college and you would take care of it if i was at work and if i couldn't watch it or even you, Someone else would, You would have to put so much work into it that you would probably have to use money saved for college on the baby and you would probably have to drop out due to lack of work and a lot of stress" i said

"Don't be sorry as long as i know you would like one we could have one when your ready" she said

I nodded my head as we turned off the light getting ready to go to bed.

(Jongup's pov)

I laid in bed as Yeri was taking a shower i felt so bored lately as if i had nothing to do.I was happy with her but what if someday we never have this.It hit me like that and i thought about how i could never have a night with her.What if she meets someone better and leaves me what if she listens to her mother and father.The sound of the bathroom door opened which every room has it's own bathroom.

"Are you okay you look sick" she said

"No love i'm fine i was just thinking" i said

"Oh i see well it's time you relax because this is not about work or even something to stress over this is about us being together and having an amazing time away from everyone" she said

(Yongguk's pov)

Minah slept peacefully beside me i smiled to myself as i heard her light breathing.I had heard a vibration i peeked past her shoulder to see her phone.It was flodded with text but it would be wrong to see them.I had to respect her life but it bothered me so i opened it to see a text from some girl named Lily.


I have bad news please brace yourself Minah, Sarah died right now someone murdered her and i know i shouldn't tell you that because you left to relax with Yongguk but this is an issue, You might not even have a heart for her still but we could use you right now so when you wake up please call me as soon as you see this thank you for being by her side Minah i love you for that

I sighed she can't get stressed but this is her friend we're talking about right now.I shook her until she woke up and raised up.

"What are you doing up" she asked

"Lily texted you and she wants you to know....Sarah just died" i said

She had looked like she would throw up or even pass out she turned on the lamp on her side of the bed.She stood up and backed against the wall.

"S-She d-died" she started to cry

It wasn't loud no one could hear but us because the tv was still running.

"I know she has done some wrongs ever since we met but this is your best friend if you wanna go back i understand i wouldn't keep you from it" i sighed

I pulled her in a hug,

"How did she die" she asked

"Someone killed her" i said

She only laid in bed wiping her tears.

"I just want you to hold me" she said

I nodded my head and laid in bed i held her as she slowly closed her eyes this is gonna be a train wreck.

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