Chapter 1 |The After Party|

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°After Party°

I was going out with Sarah my best friend she made me wanna have fun she made me feel so alive.We were going to the after party B.A.P were having at the club.All you needed was I.D and your done.A lot of underage people snuck in but no one worried about it.

"This will be than your stupid jokes we can finally have fun since you think napping is fun" she laughed

"Hey its a good way to rest the brain so you have healthy thinking and the more you sleep the better your brain works" I said

We arrived at the club showing our I.D cards we could already hear B.A.P inside.I wasn't much of a huge fan but Sarah just had to come and see Youngjae.That's all she ever talks about is Youngjae this and Youngjae that.He was handsome though I'll admit but not for me.

She smiled as she seen them almost looking like she would faint I couldn't do the loud music.The drinking the smell of sweat.Sarah was dancing on the dance floor I was sitting down I would drink from here and there.

"Hello pretty wanna have a drink with me" a guy asked

"As if look I don't wanna be here your all sweaty and smell like beer and you got nothing but beer on you goodbye" you said

He walked away going to another girl they were pretty much into the kissing and the sex.I always told myself I wouldn't sleep with anyone but I didn't keep that promise.I looked and seen one member smiling at me Sarah ran over.

"Omg Minah did you see that Bang Yongguk just smiled at you" she said

"Um yeah I seen it" you said

B.a.p finished there songs and headed to there booth where they were able yo relax.Sarah grabbed my hand dragging me over to the table with the group of good looking men.

"Um I'm Sarah I wanna say this you guys were awesome" she said

"Thank you" Youngjae smiled

She ended up falling into my arms.

"Haha sorry she likes Youngjae a lot" I said

"Who do you like" Zelo asked

"I mean you are very good and have mad talent but I don't really listen to you guys" I said

"Well you don't know us come on over here and sit down by our leader Yongguk" Jongup winked

Yongguk glared at him I'm guessing due to him seeing Yongguk smile at me.Youngjae tried to wake up Sarah.

"So what's your name" Himchan asked

"Minah" I said

"Cute name" Yongguk said

The guys smiled at each other.

"I'll order us drinks" Daehyun said

He ended up getting us some drinks and by that I mean 1 Tray with shot glasses and one Tray with glasses of beer.I guess I could make myself less worried I need to have some fun and just let loose.

"I got an idea let's play a game whoever doesn't do there dare has to drink a glass of beer loser with the less points has to drink all the shot glasses" Himchan said

Yongguk just nodded not a single word from his mouth came out.We agreed.Sarah was awake and ready for the game she smiled at me as she was sitting beside Youngjae.

"I dare Zelo to try and get that girls number" Daehyun said

He got up walking to the girl we watched his every move he walked back.

"Did you get it" I asked

"No I didn't get it reason why she wasn't even a she" Zelo said

We laughed at him we ended up having a good time Yongguk still never spoke so I got very curious.

"Sorry to ask this but is Yongguk mute like he doesn't seem to speak" I said

"No I'm not mute I'm not a big talker" he said

I was kind of shocked I mean up close his deep voice got me.We talked more and more and at the end of the game I lost so I drunk everything.

"I think we should hang out" I said


Minah was not in a perfect state and nor was Yongguk and that meant anything could happen.They looked at each other I was nervous Youngjae had looked at me.

"Don't worry Yongguk is not Drunk that bad" he said

I don't have a good feeling about them together.

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