Chapter 55 |Goodbye Yongguk|

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|Minah's pov|

I had woke up in the morning Inseong told me I should take time off of work because it would only be worse for the babies. So I ended up staying here what he told me the other day was shocking. So I invited Yongguk over for a talk. Soon I opened the door because of the knock and Yongguk walked in.

"You invited me" he smiled

"Yeah please sit" I said

We sat on the couch.

"Inseong explained to me the other day about what you said, I wanna know why you wanna be out of Nari's life" I said

"Well Minah, I'm an idol and soon to be father, Nari deserves to be happy and Yaron and me will have an amazing time, Yunia and Jongup told me they would watch him for me if I ever needed it, And I know that it may sound crazy but, She isn't a Bang, She's a Kim" he said

"She is a Kim but the true blood father is you and she is a Bang and Kim" I said

"Think about it, If I come in her life it will only confuse her who she wants, She'll be with me calling me her dad but she comes back and says it to Inseong, She doesn't deserve to suffer and wonder If she wants me or him, Nari is Inseong's, Maybe not blood but with heart, I want her to be happy and have you and him in her life, Someone who can make time, We fight all the time and it would only be worse for the babies, Sure you can hold Yaron when he is baby but he is a Bang" he said

"So what does this mean" I asked

"When Nari is born I'll hold her but to keep her happy and not wonder who her father is, I'll be forever out her life meaning you and me must lose contact but today because Minah, I think I've fallen for another woman" he said

I nodded my head.

"Think about Yaron and Nari....they'll never know each other" I said 

"That's the point just act like you don't know me so from today and forever we are to not talk to each other, Inseong is to let me know when Yaron is born" we stood up

I opened the door.

"Does this mean goodbye" I asked

"Yes but one more hug" he opened his arms

I hugged him tightly and wiped my tears.

"Goodbye Yongguk " I waved

"Goodbye Minah" he waved back 

|Jongup's pov|

"Jongup, Yunia is waiting for you in the dorm" Youngjae walked in

"What do you mean" I asked 

"She just walked in with tears and asked if she could talk to you real quick" he said

"Okay but could you finish putting these music sheets in order" I asked walking out 

I walked in the dorm.

"Yunia, baby what are you doing here don't you work today" I asked

"I have something to tell you and honestly the news just hit me and I don't know how to feel" she said wiping her wet cheeks

"You can tell me anything" I said taking her hands

|Yunia's pov|

I took in a deep breath before pulling my hands out of his reaching in my back pocket I passed it to him. He passed out.

"Oh my god what happened to him" Daehyun asked

He picked it up.

"O-Oh my god.....You're pregnant" he said

I smiled nodding my head.

"Yunia, Jongup isn't ready for this" he said

"I know but i'm not" I said 

"Um guys....first off are you gonna avoid the fact that Jongup is laid out on the floor" Youngjae walked in 

"She's pregnant" Daehyun said 

Youngjae spit his coffee out. 

"SHE'S WHAT" he yelled

|3rd person's pov|

Jongup had woken up and as much as Yunia feared him being mad or just saying he simply wasn't ready. She thought wrong though because he hugged her due to so much happiness. Not understanding much she hugged him back. Daehyun smiled along with Youngjae at the cute couple. 

Soomin and Himchan went back home and to be honest Soomin felt like something was wrong with her. The fact that she felt nothing as if she never had life growing inside of her. She couldn't just tell him that she felt nothing. Maybe the babies would kick soon.

Yeri was currently hanging out with Ri and her members at dance practice enjoying the show. Yeri called Youngjae but didn't pick up the phone

Soon it was night and everyone was at there own spots Yongguk though tried to avoid the empty void. The nightmares he could picture the nightmare though was something he never wants to picture again. Minah and Nari died he tired to shake off the deep thought. H ewas sad to let go of Minah but she was in better hands. Instead he was gonna go on a date tomorrow.

At the end of the day they still have to deal with it Yunia never told anyone well not yet. She was so ready for them to know. Jongup told her not to rush things but these 2 were gonna be young parents. Was he even ready because honestly he felt like it. Telling Yunia about how he was gonna be the best dad. 

She chuckled at his cute actions as he laid his head on her lap telling her everything. Such a cute couple don't you think?.

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