Chapter 20 |Love isn't wrong|

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I waited for her to explain it all she had took a deep breath before opening up her mouth to speak.

"I knew i was rude and yes i did things behind your back that i shouldn't do but it happened" she said 

"Explain more i want the whole story and i wanna know why you broke Youngjae's heart" i said

"I had a drinking problem going on i kept it a secret because i felt like you would judge me, My father abused me and i started to get sad, I thought for awhile and changed myself, before i met you i was nothing, I felt safe being with you" she said

I stood up but she grabbed my wrist.

"Wait i can explain why i broke his heart" she said 


I limped all the way to my house my leg was cut from those girls so was my face my eye was once again purple.I had a bruise on both legs and on my arms my knee was cut i think they broke my foot.

"Oh my god Yunia" My grandma said

"What are you doing standing in front of my house" i asked

"I came to see you i haven't seen you for 2 years i missed you" she smiled

"Come on in" i unlocked the door

"What happened to you" she asked

"I was beat up by a couple of girls no big problem i have a boyfriend and they beat me for it" i said 

She rubbed my back.

"Does he know" she asked

"I didn't tell him" i said 

"I will" she said 


I was done with the song a little my phone was ringing it had Yunia's caller ID on it.I picked it up.


Yunia:Hello this is Yunia's grandma she says you are her boyfriend

Jongup:Oh yes nice to meet you

Yunia:She got beaten up pretty bad by some girls over you her foot is broke for sure and well i took her to the hospital and now we are back at home she is sleeping now i cleaned her cuts

Jongup:I'll be over

I hung up the phone and walked out.


"Did you poison Daehyun" The man slammed his fist on the table

"No i just fed him food there was a nurse at the hospital who had a shot she had long black hair and she had big blue eyes she was pale" i said

"If we find her and she is the one we will let you out if not you will stay in now follow me to your cell" he said 


"So Zelo i thought that we could practice for the salsa dance it is tomorrow night please we have to win" she begged me

We weren't dating but i didn't wanna rush things between us i thought it was best if we took our time.

"I mean that sounds great but i have to see what time i finish working" i said

She sighed.

"There is something i have been meaning to ask you" she said

"Of course" i said 

"Would you like to be mine" she said

I was afraid this was gonna happen.

"Look i think you're cool,cute,smart,a great dancer but i don't wanna rush things so lets take our time" i said

"I get it Zelo i understand i don't want us to rush too i guess well forget what i just said let's dance" she smiled


I had called Minah she didn't pick up her phone so it bothered me i didn't know if she was okay.There was a call from the doctor.


Doctor:Hello it seems you and Minah need to come in tomorrow we need to talk about somethings

Yongguk:Please sir tell me now

Doctor:Okay well i am not for sure how this happened but when i put it all together it doesn't match you

Yongguk:What do you mean

Doctor:I mean the baby isn't your baby it seems to match someone else but not you

I stood up and threw my phone on the ground Daehyun walked in and stopped me.

"Calm down i'm sick we are having a good day we don't need this tell me what happened" he said

"The baby isn't mine the doctor said so" i said

His face became pale and he was sweating.

"Daehyun did you sleep with her" i asked

He didn't even move.

"Yongguk i....."


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