Chapter 13 |Warm & Cold|

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It was a new day in Korea so Minah must be sleeping in America now i ended up being picked up by Himchan.We were busy with work today and today my mother was coming to visit me to talk about plans.I was so close to not being able to do group things due to my acting out so they say.

"Okay so i worked on our dance for our next stage and it seems to be going great" Jongup said

I walked over to see Himchan daydreaming i had snapped my fingers and he quickly looked at me.

"Aren't you suppose to be dancing with us what the hell are you doing" i asked

"Sorry Yongguk i just keep thinking about this girl she was cute and we had a fun time last night" he said

"We all went on a date last night but i have been talking to Yunia a lot and we plan on going out sometime" Jongup spoke

"Soomin and me are clearly hitting it off together i mean i never knew someone so cute and so sweet could be true" Himchan said

"Me and Wendy hit it off well we got to know about each other and she is so great at dancing" Zelo said

"Ri was super cool she told me about how she plays the guitar and how she will play and i can sing sometime" Daehyun said 

"Sarah and me haven't even talked she is ignoring me like i ain't even there and i try to text but she never says anything" Youngjae

I sighed and shook my head.

"You guys need to stop talking about these girls right now we are B.A.P and we do music not girls all the time i get it you guys are in love almost but come on we have fans and we gotta make them hella happy" i said

"He is right we need to stick as B.A.P" Youngjae said

We did our practice everything was clearly packed right now we had a long day.Once we worked our asses off for 9 hours we were finally finish.I picked up my phone a text from Minah.

I was wrong, I came down here and i hate it i didn't even get to do my interview!

Don't give up Minah, How's our baby doing? Are you eating? If so how do you feel?

The baby is great i am eating and i feel fine i just really need your comfort right now please facetime me i wanna see you


I need to see why Sarah was so mad at me i had left to go to her house and i wanted to talk.I knocked on the door as she seen me she went to close it but i stopped her.

"What are you doing here Youngjae" she asked

"I wanted to see why you were ignoring me did i do something wrong" i asked

"Yes you came into my life and messed with my feelings i was so happy about dinner but you didn't show" she said

"Do i have time to make it up to you" i asked

"I moved on Youngjae i found someone and well he loves me more and he doesn't seem to ignore me" she said

I nodded my head.

"You're right but you moved on to fast i'm sorry Sarah but please lose contact with me and stop playing with my heart i thought you were the one maybe my mom was right" i said

(Quit playing games with my heart-Anyone like this song or is it just me)

I walked away from the house she was calling my name trying to get me to comeback i pulled my headphones out.I ignored her.

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