Chapter 53 |Working it out sort of|

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|Minah's pov| 

We sat as she typed everything in from the papers to the computer. 

"So here is the boys information, Bang Yaron, Living with Yongguk and has full rights to Yaron, Minah is to not have contact with the little boy or even see him, The only person he has rights to see is friends, family and his sister, correct" she said looking at Yongguk who nodded

"Yes ma'am" he said 

"Okay, Kim Nari, Minah has full rights to her and her boyfriend Inseong will have her, her father is allowed to have her on the weekends, Inseong is to have rights to medical care and more, Minah and Inseong are now the parents of this little girl, Before i save this are you sure you want to give her Kim instead of Bang" she said 

"Yes" i said

"And who is Kim" she asked getting ready to type

"We decided to name her Kim after Inseong" i said

She typed it in and saved it she put the papers into a file.

"You both keep these papers i copied, If you ever need anything else call me" she said 

We thanked her and walked out.

"He named her Nari" Yongguk asked

"Yeah" i said

"Well he sure has taste i guess....Look you can change bang to Kim all you want but face it I'm always gonna be her father" he said 

"I know but it's about us keeping her and honestly Yongguk we need to just go our ways" i said walking off

|Soomin's pov|

"Babe can you pick up the door" i said from the kitchen

Himchan got off the couch and opened the door to reveal Yongguk.

"So her and Inseong have full rights to Nari, She changed her name from Bang Nari to Kim Nari, Now we have to fix the room up for just Yaron" he said 

"Yongguk come on in" i said 

He walked in.

"We hate to hear that but look on the bright side darling, You can have your son and we would always watch him for you, Even babysit him if you want us too" i said

"Thank you Soomin you are so sweet" he smiled

"Thank you, I know you'll be an amazing father and us girls will be an amazing aunts and the guys will be amazing uncles, I think we all need to just sit down and work this out" i said

"What do you mean" he asked

"Well you and Minah need to talk this out and so does everyone else because these problems aren't gonna work themselves out" I said

|3rd person's pov|

They all walked in one by one and sat in the house Soomin cleared her throat as Himchan sat beside her.

"Tonight I want us to work out our problems" she said

"Okay" they all said

"Starting off with Daehyun and Mia and Youngjae and Ri, Daehyun please talk to Ri and Mia about this" she said

"Well girls I'm sorry....I shouldn't have slept with Mia and tried to be with you Ri, It was some stupid move I tried but in the end it didn't work, I do wanna say I'm sorry....Ri I can't be with you and Mia I should have thought about it....Please forgive me and let's be friends" he said 

"Now Mia you and Youngjae" she said pointing to them

"Well Youngjae I'm so sorry I broke your heart if I had thought it all through everything could have worked out, I hate to ruin what we have and it was wrong of me but I promise it meant nothing I don't love him all he is, is my friend" she said

He smiled brightly and they all 4 hugged each other.

"Good now Youngjae and Yeri please talk" she said

"I'm sorry Youngjae for never telling you about this I was young and dumb and I should have told you but my child has no clue I'm even here" Yeri said

They ended up working out their problems but Minah and Yongguk clearly didn't want to even speak.

"Guys the only way to work this out is to talk" she said 

"I think it's best if we never talk to each other again the only contact we will have is when we talk about the babies I'm keeping my son and she is taking my daughter the end of everything" Yongguk walked out

"Whatever guys he has a point now I have a boyfriend to get home too" Minah said walking out

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