Chapter 9 |Leaving you|

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Since Youngjae didn't come to get Sarah she just went to bed and i was about to go back to sleep.I heard a knock on the door when i opened it i seen all of the boys except Yongguk.

"What are you guys doing here" i asked

"We are here to have a talk with you about this America thing and Sarah told us everything" Jongup said

I let them inside i closed the door and sat on the couch we were all in the living room.

"Okay so what do you guys wanna talk about" i said

"Whatever you did to Yongguk was wrong and so many ways and you are happy about America but would you really wanna make the father of your child suffer how can he hear it's first heartbeat how can he be with it how can he talk to it did you ever think about it" Daehyun said

"Yeah and he really would love to see you be happy but think about it you clearly hurt his feelings and it hurts us to see our amazing, great, smart, talented leader hurt this isn't even suppose to be about you guys it's about the baby" Youngjae said

"We should be going just please give it some thought" Himchan said

As they went to walk out i stopped Himchan.

"Where is he at" i asked

"Some place he wanted to surprise you and make you forgive him i can't remember the name but i know where it is" he said

I quickly ran in the room grabbing a nice outfit i changed very fast and did my makeup i fixed my hair and walked down.

"Take me to Yongguk" i said

We walked out i guess i'll be walking with Himchan we walked with each other after a couple minutes we were there.I looked in the window he was playing with his food he didn't even touch it.

"Thank you so much Himchan" i smiled

He nodded and left i walked in and stood in front of him.

"Is this seat taken" i said

He looked up in a happy way i sat in front of him.

"What are you doing here shouldn't you be asleep" he asked

"Yes but i am here to talk to you the guys talked to me about something and they made me see that it isn't all about me or you but about our baby and if i leave how can you do anything or listen to it or just feel it's first kick" i said

"Look Minah i am happy to see you i really am but you made your point that it isn't about me or you but the baby and you made me see that love isn't always the best and you know i wanna be a stranger to you maybe send you some baby gifts here and there but we don't need to be together anymore" he said

I cleared my throat.

"We need to work this out" i said

"I know but right now i don't wanna work this out because at work i have a lot to work out and you don't get it being in my shoes means you have to do a lot not only do i have to support you or the baby but my family and right now my family is at the dorm there my brothers i have to support them but sometimes i have to let things go" he said

He got out his seat and kissed my forehead.

"You are better go out there find someone to hang around and find someone you wanna be with, you don't deserve me because you deserve someone higher that isn't me just be sure he treats you both good i have to go" he smiled

He kissed me on the lips this time before leaving money on the table and walking out maybe we just aren't meant.

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