Chapter 27 |She's alive|

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|Mia's pov|

I was meaning to let the guys know, 2 days has passed but they were so busy so i couldn't just say it in front of everyone.I had to tell them she was alive and not doing well i rushed over to the guys.

"Guys i have news" i spoke

"We can't talk right now" Jongup said

"Please guys this is very important if you guys don't change anything i will" i said

"We have to practice to perform tonight you on the other hand could leave so we could work not being rude or anything" Himchan gave me a soft smile

"I guess i could tell the girls about this" i pouted

I walked out the door and called the girls telling them to meet me at my house i was gonna get her home safe for herself and Yongguk.I walked to my house to see all of them waiting.

"Girls we need to talk" i said

They all got inside and we sat down.

|Time Skip|

"So Sarah took her and beats her and killed her baby" Soomin said

"No i-i don't know if it's dead or alive but we have to be sure that it's gonna be okay for her and the baby" i said

"Okay well we can show up to the house and call the guys have them come along and call the police and stop everything and everyone" Ri said

"My anger with Sarah right now could get her killed" Yeri said 

"No one is killing anyone right now or ever, we will save her without messing up their performance" Yunia said 

I only sighed in hopes of her being fine.

|Minah's pov|

I sat down on the floor in a bloody white shirt i was coughing up blood and bruised i couldn't even open my black eye.I noticed Sarah was gone so i took it upon myself to get out.

"F-For You and me and your f-father" i talked to my stomach

I couldn't walk so i crawled upstairs i manage to open the window i called for help in hopes of someone hearing me.My wish came true.

"Are you okay" a man asked

"Please come up here and help me please" i begged

I heard the door quickly opened and i seen the man.

"I need you to take me to the hospital but please grab my phone and call someone under the name Yongguk" i spoke

He did as i said and i told him to explain everything he did and it went smooth he took me to the hospital.

|Time Skip|

I laid in the bed thanking the man he smiled and walked off it was all because of him that i was here.The doctor had walked in with the sad look i was not wanting to see.

"Is the baby okay" i asked

"Yes, but i do have some heartbreaking news" he spoke

I waited for him to break it to me.

"The baby will come out with some problems such as walking and talking, learning it will be hard the walking will mean they will be very clumsy and won't walk straight, Talking means they will talk fine but struggle to get some out and learning they will learn behind everyone making it harder for them to learn but at the age of 15 you could get surgery and fix this problem" he said

I was broken how could he or she get out and do things this was gonna be so hard for me.The door opened and i seen everyone they all ran up and hugged me.The doctor walked out.

"He said the baby is alive and well but it will have problems with walking, talking, learning and it would be hard for us but at the age of 15 we can fix this problem with surgery" i said

"That's fine i'm just happy you both are alive" he smiled 

I was happy to be back it was such a nice moment i wish i got his name to thank him for saving me.It meant a lot.

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