Chapter 43 |Never normal|

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|Ri's pov|

"Hey" Youngjae ran up

I have met so many idols and Trainees and started to be friends with them.I was trying to get Youngjae a girlfriend and i picked Mia.

"Hey what's up" i smiled

"Are you busy" he asked

"Well no i finished all my stuff for today" i said

"Mia....could i maybe meet her" he asked

"Sure thing" i said

He smiled and walked away i walked into the office but seen no one.I decided to walk out and head out the company.I walked all the way to see Daehyun and went to the front desk.

"Welcome" she smiled

"Is Daehyun here" i asked

"Yes ma'am he is but if you have no one's permission to be here I'm gonna have to ask you to leave" she said

"I really need to talk to him, Does he get a break?" i asked

"Look ma'am i told you once you have to leave if you aren't in a contract with us you have to go, We can not just let anyone in, I seen a couple girls here with them from time to time and we are stopping that, Getting in the way is slowing them down and worse they get nothing done" She spat

"Don't worry she has my permission" Daehyun said

He walked over.

"Get her a tag so all she has to do is show it and get in when she wants" he told her

We walked away.

"What are you doing here" he asked

"I wanted to talk to you about us" i said

"Look Ri I'm an idol and right now my job is more important we can talk about it tonight or something but you have to wait" he said

"I understand Daehyun but I really have to tell you this" I said

"Later" he walked away

|Wendy's pov|

"So since we send more time in class how about we leave our dorms for tonight, We're college students with no plans" Suzy smiled

"I don't know Suzy...I just wanna sleep" I said

"Wendy what's wrong" she asked

"I think my illness is starting to catch up and I just don't have energy for anything and all I wanna do is sleep" I whined

"I will take you to the doctors" she pulled me up

"No" I said

"Yes" she said

Before I could say anything else I passed out everything turned black.

|Yunia's pov|

Here I am walking away from work when suddenly someone grabbed me.

"W-Who are you" I asked

"We are fans of Jongup and we hate the thought of his girlfriend" she said 

"Look I'm not looking for trouble" I said

"Yeah right" she went to swing but I grabbed her arm

"I'm not going down not without a fight" I said twisting her arm

|Yongguk's pov|

"Feels good to finally finish now all we have left it the rest of the album" I said 

"That doesn't make it sound any better" Youngjae said

"I got a call guys I'll be back" Zelo walked out

"So who's cooking dinner tonight" Daehyun asked

"We could just order some food" Himchan said 

"Okay who's paying" Jongup asked

"I will as the leader it's my job to take care of you idiots" I stood up

The door swung open.

"Guys Wendy is in the hospital I have to go" Zelo said 

"No" the manager said 

We didn't say anything.

"Work is more important" he said 

"That's my girlfriend and she is sick and slowly dying" Zelo said

"Let her die" he said 

I stopped Zelo from hitting him.

"We know what we're doing and we can balance our work and personal life she is dying and this is his girlfriend you no good son of a bitch" I punched him

"YONGGUK" Youngjae yelled

I kept hitting him and hitting him and soon when I  got stopped by Himchan he smirked.

"Just like those kids you plan to keep I refuse to let you have them and fuck up your career, Those kids will be far from you and I'll be sure, Even if I have to kill those mistakes" he said

I started to hit him again until he was out cold Himchan pulled me off and pushed me away.

"You dumbass why would you do that" he said

"He was being a jerk about Zelo seeing Wendy and those kids aren't a mistake Himchan" I said

"I know they're not but don't whoop someone's ass for that" he said

"You have no room to talk about me someone your with is pregnant and not by you maybe she couldn't keep her legs closed" I said

"Well mine doesn't start drama and tries to act innocent everyday Minah is struggling in life maybe she couldn't keep her legs closed, She has a house and a normal life and your girl is out here with 9 other guys on tour.....Let's see how long she keeps her legs closed" he said

I punched and he fought back Jongup pulled me back and Daehyun the same.

"Enough guys we just need to go our own ways for today and think all of this through" Jongup said

"Maybe by tomorrow you guys will be ready to talk again, Me and Zelo are going to the hospital to see about Wendy and I'll be staying with Yeri tonight" Youngjae said walking out with Zelo

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