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Ace: What's that suppose to mean..?

Shade grins.



Hansel is still awake, and was thinking of a strategy that he can use against the horsemen.

Ash: Can't sleep huh...

Hansel: Oh, Sir Ash. Well, we're up against powerful enemies tomorrow, therefore I need to think up of a strategy I can use when I engage combat.

Ash: You're probably right. But still, learn to have a little break.

Hansel: That I cannot do.

Ash sits on his chair on the council table.

Ash: I read some info regarding your past, and it doesn't look pretty.

Hansel: I know. Your only family being killed in front of you, makes any child to be traumatized.

Ash: Did you felt that way when that happened?

Hansel: .... No.

Ash was speechless on what he just said.

Hansel: In fact, it gave me fuel to go further in order to surpass my weakness.

Ash: That's a very unusual answer...

Hansel: What can I say... that's reality.

Back then....

Hansel and Gretel's parents were having a fight...

Yahiro(Hansel's father): How could you do this to your own family!!

???: I got no choice!! He's gonna kill all of you If I don't do this!

Yahiro was in tears that day.. and Hansel and Gretel was still 5..

The woman head towards Hansel and Gretel who were watching them fighting.

The woman hugged the two.

???: I'm gonna miss the both of you....

She suddenly used her magic on both Hansel and Gretel, which made them fall asleep.

She walks towards Yahiro..

???: Don't tell both of them... got it?

Yahiro: Do what you want...

The woman then, left the village.


Hansel suddenly woke up...

Hansel: What was that? There is someone there who I can't seem to remember...

Hansel was suddenly in tears.

Hansel: Huh? Why am I crying?

Gretel: Are you crying big bro?

Hansel: Ah, no no... *wipes the tears* there was something in my eye.

Gretel: That's unexpected of you.


At the same time..

Ace finally woke up.

Ace: So that's what it is..

Ace looked at his hand, then he clenched his fist.

Ace: Today is the operation, and once we encounter them, I'm not gonna lose this time.


They all assembled at the council's table.

Azumi: I've got good news, we've come in contact with the relatives of the ones who enherit the books, and it looks like the two books are in one place.

Zaldo: That just made the situation better.

Ezra: But this time, their going to attack with full force.

Hansel: Indeed, that is why I've thought out a plan which can help us to defeat them.

Ash: Now things are about to get interesting.

Gale: I haven't have much to do anyway.

Azumi: Then we shall do this plan of yours.

Ace: Whoever we may fight, we got to defeat them no matter what.

Julie: Now that is settled, where is this location that you were talking about grandmaster?

Azumi points up.

Max: That doesn't make any sense.

Azumi: The books are located at the Land of Eden, also known as the city in the sky.

To be continued..

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