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Clau: Tsk, what's a little sword gonna do against my speed.

Clau dashed and tries to attack Ezra from behind, but Ezra's sword deflected his every attack.

Clau: What the?!

Ezra: No matter what you do, once I release my ability, I can defend and attack at the same time.

Ezra summoned another one of her airborne swords, resulting in 16 swords.

Clau goes to his left, but Ezra blocked it off with 6 swords.

Clau ran to his right, but it was also blocked once again by Ezra's swords.

Ezra: This is the end!

Ezra's remaining swords towards Clau.

Everyone was happy to see that she was about to win.

Suddenly, Merlone throw something at Clau.

All of the sudden..

Clau made a powerful gust of wind that all of the swords are blown away. Including the crowds and Ezra. Alexis was also caught up in the strong wind.

After that... Ezra's was hurt due to the strong gust of wind.

Clau: You almost had me... but in the end....

Clau grabbed Ezra's hand and raised her up and showed it to the people.

The Queen was also in despair when she saw her daughter been defeated.

Ezra opened her eyes and realized that she was defeated.

Ezra: Sorry... everyone... I failed...

Merlone: That settles it.. we won again. Now, it's time for you to come with us.

The Queen had no choice, but to accept reality that they lost to the beastmen once again.

Queen: Before I go... I need to speak with my daughter.

Clau puts down Ezra, who is still injured and can't move her body.

Ezra: I'm sorry, mom.... I lost.

Ezra cried that she lost to her opponent.

Queen: You did well, I am very proud of you getting stronger. Thanks to you, you gave me and our people a little hope...

Merlone: It's time to go, your highness.

The Queen followed the beastmen back to their camp.

Ezra suddenly realized that Clau was wearing gloves at the last minute of the fight.

Ezra: Stop!!

The beastmen stopped in their tracks and looked at Ezra.

Ezra crawls towards them.

Ezra: You cheater! I want a rematch!

Merlone walks towards Ezra.

Merlone: Tsk Tsk Tsk. How can you even fight in your condition, little girl.

Ezra: You gave that wolfhead a weapon in the last minute!

Merlone grabbed Ezra's hair and pulled her up.

Merlone: So what if I did. The result is already decided young girl. And there is nothing you can do about it

Suddenly, Alexis appeared out of knowhere in front of Merlone. He snatched Ezra away from his hand and she punched him, sending him flying to the forest.

Alexis: My mission here was to make sure everything is alright between the match. But, you blockheads broke the rule of the match.

Ezra cried for she is glad that Alexis has arrived.

Alexis: The moment she smiled, it doesn't mean that she was alright, in fact, she was asking for help.

Drok: How dare you!

Alexis puts down Ezra.

Alexis: I'll be right back.

Drok charged towards Alexis and was about to punch her, but she grabbed Drok and slammed him into the ground.

Suddenly, the genderbending pill's effects suddenly wore off and Ace was back to normal.

Ace: Good thing me and my clothes are back to normal too. Now I can easily fight in my state.

Clau: You're a guy!?

The queen could not believe her eyes, for the person she begs to help her daughter was actually a male.

Ace: Time to fight, you mongrels!

To be continued....

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