Tresta Town

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Max: I don't know what's wrong with you Juniper, but isn't this suicide?

Julie: I agree. This isn't a test anymore.

Juniper closed her eyes.

Juniper: What happens to us in that island, is my responsibility.

Max: What are you saying?

Juniper: It's only a test to see if Ace is that strong. With my current power I can only obliberate the island.

Ace was surprised on what she just said.

Ace: You've got to be kidding me.

Ezra: It's hard to believe, but it is true.

They are suddenly in awe.

Juniper: Though I can't do that now. There are people living in that island, it's too risky.

Ace: Am I the only one who thinks that we have a huge advantage against those creatures.

Juniper: I know that, but this is your test, so you handle this things on your own.

Ace: My own?! What about you guys?!

Ezra: We'll keep watch on you from a distance.

Julie: Goodluck Ace!

Ace: Sheesh, I am so dead.

An hour later...

They finally reached their destination. Once they already got on the island, they head towards the nearest town.

Ace: Let's just hope that everyone in this island is still alive.

Julie: I heard that the people of this island are evacuating in the town of Tresta.

Ace: Tresta?

Max: That's the town we're going to right now.

While walking to their destination, Ace notices a huge magic dome around the dangerous part of the island.

Max: That's an army level dome.

Hansel: They must've trapped the adaptrix breeds in there.

Julie: The situation must be getting out of hand that the royal army can't overlook this.

Juniper: We must hurry.

They started to ran through the forest for a shortcut to the town of Tresta.

As they ran, Ace is feeling a little worried as they head over to Tresta.

Not to mention, Ace and the others are hearing huge explosions behind the dome.

Juniper: Let's hurry!

After another 10 minutes of running, they finally reached the town of Tresta.

Everywhere they look, all they can see are a lot of people being treated. Royal guards standing near the perimeter of the dome and tents.

Juniper head towards the tent.

Ace and the others followed her.

When they went in the tent, a man with a knight armor talked to Juniper.

As they talk, Gretel noticed Hansel reading the book that he found.

Gretel: Why are you reading that?

Hansel: I just want to see what these book contains.

Gretel: *grin* N-E-R-D.

Hansel: Shut up.

Ace and the others are waiting for juniper and the man's conversation to end.

Juniper glanced at Ace.

Juniper: This is Commander Cole of the sixth squad of the royal army.

Cole: So this is the guy of the rumors I hear. The guy who defeated the master of the guild Gorgons' Eye.

Ace: Is that guild a big deal?

Juniper: Of course. The Gorgons' Eye guild is one of the dark guilds who follows the teachings of the overlord.

Ace: I'm confused.

Juniper: You'll know, soon enough.

Cole: Anyway, Ace, what you're about to do is very risky. You will exterminate all of the Adaptrix breed inside of that dome.

Ace: I heard about these creatures, they're freakin' dangerous, and you want me to kill all of them myself?!

Juniper: Yes. This is the test that the council chose. Even if I don't want you to go, I don't have a choice.

Cole: Consider this as a rescue mission. Right now, 163 mages were eaten, while 15 are missing, and all of these mages are a townsfolk of this town.

Ace: Seriously?!

Juniper: If the situation got out of hand, I will exterminate them myself. Considering that Rank-Z missions are guild master level.

Cole: So... It's your choice Ace, Are you gonna do it or not?

Ace: *sigh* Fine... I'll do it. If this is what I have to do to join the guild, then I'll do it.

Cole: Excellent choice of words, young man.

Will Ace be able to defeat all of these creatures?

To be continued...

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