Chapter 5: Release

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Suddenly, Ace felt a powerful presence behind him.

Ace looked behind and saw a bunch of people arriving at the scene.

The woman in front immediately went towards the spot where Juniper disappeared.

Ace: Who are you people?

The woman looked at Ace.

???: She's a really kind master, don't you think? It's a shame her time has come to an end.

Ace: Are you insulting my master!!

Suddenly, one of the persons who was following the woman points its gun at Ace.

???: Know your place!

???: That's enough, Stella.

Stella: Understood.

Stella puts the gun down.

Ace: Just who are you people?!

The woman walks up to Ace.

???: We're the council of the grand order, and I am the Headmaster. Call me Azumi. So, you're Ace... Juniper told me everything about you.

The other people with her spread throughout the place to inspect the range of the battlefield.

Ace: From up close.. she looks familiar..



At the other side of the battlefield, Thros was being healed by Jin, and Cleo had her wounds already healed up.

Cleo: Why did you save me?

Thros: Is it wrong to help a fellow Hydragon magic user?

Cleo was speechless on what he just said.

Jin: You should be thankful, for my master has grown fond of you.

Thros smacked Jin in the head.

Thros: what the hell are you talking about!!

Cleo can't help but to giggle at them.

Thros: Just focus on healing me.

Jin: Yes, master.

Suddenly, two people came out of knowhere and was walking towards them.

???: My, My, look what we have here, Shadow.

???: I know, Light.

Jin: Shadow?! Light?! Don't tell me-!

Thros: We give up.

Cleo was surprised on what Thros just said.

Cleo: What are you talking about?

Thros: I stand no chance to two members of the council in my state.

Cleo: These two are from the council?!

Shadow: I'm the older brother, Shadow. And she's my little sister, Light.

Light: How's it going fellow mages?


At the same time...

Azumi: Now that Juniper is gone, he is most likely to return to take the title of master.

Ace: What are you talking about?

Azumi: Basically, someone wants to kill Juniper to take the title of master. But, Juniper had him banished from the guild. Now that Juniper is gone, he is most likely to return.

Ace: I don't know why you're telling me all of this.

Azumi: The last time I talk to Juniper, she said that she'll leave everything to the guild's best.

Ace: She meant Zaldo?!

Zaldo: Really?!

Azumi: I don't know about the details, but that is what she told me. Anyway, a guild without a master can't last longer, so i suggest you boys to think about it.

Azumi and Stella immediately leaves the place.

Ace: I wonder who's this person who's had a grudge against master..

Zaldo: Don't tell me... it's him..

Ace: Who?

Zaldo: Now that I think of it... you look exactly like him..

Ace was surprised to know that detail.

To be continued...

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