One of the Four

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They immediately departed and hurried back when they heard what happened back to their guild.


Ace and the others finally got back... and all they can see are rubble...

There are blood on the walls too..

Zaldo: I left the guild for a moment... and this happened...

Julie: First... the loss of our master.. now.. our guild.

Ace went to the master's room, and there is a note left behind.

"Pixies Scale is history"

Ace: It's written in blood too...


Max: I'll never forgive the person who did this!!

Hansel: I feel ya.

Cole suddenly appeared on the scene.

Cole: You guys! You're finally back...

Ace: What exactly happened here!?

Cole was suddenly speechless...

Zaldo: It's him...isn't it...

Cole: Indeed... he came back for revenge...

Ace: Who?!

Cole: Spade Kira. The person who has a grudge against Juniper...

Julie: No way...

Max was speechless..

Hansel: I might've heard this name before...

Gretel: Me too...

Ace: Who is this guy anyway... and why does he has a grudge against our master!

Cole: Where is Juniper anyway?

After 10 minutes...

Cole: I see... sorry for your loss.. but without her, how can you defeat him?

Zaldo: I will... as the master's right hand man, I will defeat him!

???: Is that so?

An unknown person was eavesdroping on their conversation.

???: So you'll beat Mr. Spade eh? I wonder how though...

Ace: Who're you?!

???: Call me Hit. One of the four horsemen.

Julie: The four horsemen?

Hansel: I knew it...

Suddenly, air blades went straight at him.

Hit immediately dodged it.

Cole: He dodged all of it?!

Ace: Max.

Max: I know. But somehow, I gut tells me that he know something about the one who did this.

Zaldo: Do you!?

Hit: Of course... It's because the ones who did this... was us.

Max once again released his air blades straight at Hit.

But, the air blades missed Hit and went back towards Max.

Max: What?!!

Ace: Max!!

Ezra summons her sword to deflect the air blades, while Gretel transformed into a shield and Hansel used her to deflect it too.

Max: M-My air blades...

Ezra: We don't know who you are, but don't think that you can defeat us by yourself.

Ace suddenly appeared behind Hit and was about to land a blow.

Ace: 50% strength on!

Suddenly, Ezra's sword went flying towards Ace.

Ace: What?!

Ace quickly evaded it.

Ezra: Weapon Return!

The sword disappeared.

Ace: What just happened?!

Zaldo dashed in front of Hit and punched him.

Hit deflected Zaldo's punch.

Zaldo: You're toast!

5 seconds later...

Nothing happened...

Zaldo: What's going on?! How come your hand is still intact?!

Hit: That is one dangerous magic you got there. Too bad, if you can't defeat me... then you can't defeat our leader.
I'll let you all live another day... for now.

Hit disappeared in thin air in the last second.

Ace: Where did he go?!

Julie: He used a teleportation crystal..

Zaldo was still in shock on what the enemy is capable of.

Ace: The four horsemen... Looks like we just met another strong enemy..

To be continued...

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