Ezra's Will

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Queen: Can I have a private conversation with Alexis.

Ezra and the soldiers left the throne room, leaving the queen and Alexis all alone.

The queen walk towards Alexis. The queen suddenly bowed down.

Alexis: W-What're you doing, your majesty?!

Queen: I beg of you... please save our safe haven from those beasts... please..

Alexis was shocked to see the queen begging for help.

Queen: I don't want another precious member of my kingdom gets taken away..

Ezra was standing in the door and was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Ezra: I can take care of this myself mother... that is why I left for 3 years to train.

Ezra left and head towards her room.


Alexis: I see... so a band of half beasts found this island. Why didn't you chase them away with your army? I heard that amazons are a strong tribe of women warriors.

Queen: We did... but, their leader defeated our army in one fell swoop.
He gave us mercy and started a competition between our finest warriors and theirs for their entertainment, and it occured every 5 days. And the prize is...

Alexis: ...one of the loser's companions.

Queen: We've already lost 219 of our warriors. And the warrior that is going to fight for the competition is Ezra...

Alexis was speechless. Considering how strong the enemy she is going to fight.

Alexis: Don't worry, your majesty. Ezra is a strong member of our guild, she can't be beaten that easily.

Queen: Celestia. Call me Celestia. And I do hope what you said is indeed true.

Alexis: By the way, if one of your warriors won, then?

Celestia: They will leave our safe haven without a word and release all of the warriors that were taken.

Alexis: Too bad... the master didn't want me to interfere with their match. She just told me to make sure the situation is right.

Alexis: Well, then. The night is upon us, it is time for me to take my leave.

Celestia: Very well.


As Alexis walks back to her room, she saw Ezra in the stadium where the competition is going to take place. Ezra was training for the fight that will happen.

Alexis: From the looks of it, she looks desperate than determined.


The next day...

Ezra was again training for her upcoming battle.

Alexis thought that maybe it's a good strategy to look at the enemy's base camp.

Alexis asked a random amazon.

Alexis: Do you happen to know the beasts base camp?

Amazon: Their camp is up above that mountain.

Alexis: I see.. thank you.

Amazon: I recommend you not to go to that place.

Alexis dashed with pure speed.

To be continued...

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