The Terror

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Back at the arena...

Ace: 90% strength on!

Ace continued on attacking Cleo.

Cleo: Hardened fist + Flame cowl of the First Head.

But Cleo is countering very easily. Compared to Ace's attacks, Cleo's counter is way beyond Ace's continuous punches.

Ace feels his fist slowly getting hurt.

Ace immediately backed away, but Cleo didn't gave him a time to take a breather.

Cleo continued on attacking, while Ace switched on defending.

Cleo: Did you really thing you can get away that easily?

Ace: 100% strength on!!

Ace somehow managed to catch up to Cleo's strength.

Cleo: Not yet! Burst of the First Head!!

Ace: Shi--!

Ace took a direct hit at point blank range from Cleo's attack.

Ace was still at the arena, but he is down on the ground.

Cleo: Brute strength isn't enough to defeat me.



Zero: I've done my part of the bargain.

Fafnir, who was an artificial dragon made by the ancestors of the people of  Yggdrasil.

Fafnir: Well done, Zero. I gave you immortality in exchange to revive me, now that it is fulfilled... I will grant you a prize.

Fafnir gave Zero a crystal.

Fafnir: That crystal can grant you 1 wish. Use it wisely..

Zero: Will do.

Fafnir roared and started to flap its large wings and headed straight at the sky.

Zero: With this... I can finally be the strongest mage of this world!

Suddenly, an explosion happened at Zero's hand, which made her drop the crystal.

Zero: That was close... good thing I activated my magic.

Ash: I guess spying on my daughter is really such a good idea after all. Who knew that a famous guild master would make a deal with a monster.

Zero: And what is it to you.

Ash: I'm Ash of the Council, you are under arrest for reviving a monster of ancient times.

Zero tries to grabb the crystal, but Ash activated his magic and made an explosion near the crystal, making it flew to the inner part of the forest.

Ash: That was just a warning, next time... I won't miss. Backup will be here soon, so I suggest that you give up.


Back at the arena...

Cleo: I suggest you give up..

Ace: I don't know what give up means, as long as I'm standing, there's no way in hell I would lose now.

Ace build up his energy to his hands.

Cleo was surprised that even more energy is building up.

Runes started to show at Ace's hands. The runes glow red and starts to release a huge amount of energy.

Cleo sensed that danger is about to come..

All of the sudden, the match was interrupted by a raging fire that came from the sky.

Ace was unable to do what he was about to do.

Cleo: Burst of the First Head!!

Cleo aimed at the fire and both repelled each other.

Cleo: Evacuate immediately!!

Jack: Everyone! Evacuate away from the arena!

Everyone in the coliseum ran away in fear.

Cleo: Now then, who's eesponsible for interrupting my matc--!

Cleo was surprised to see that the one responsible was Fafnir.

Fafnir landed on the arena.

Cleo: Y-You! How come you're alive?!

To be continued...

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