Test Subjects (Part 1)

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After all that, I was put inside a cellar.. All by myself.

Ace: What happened to me...

I asked that to myself as I looked at my hands.

Ace: I wanna see mom...

Tears finally started to flow from my eyes.

???: Are you crying?

I heard a girl's voice from a different cellar. I started to walk towards it.

Ace: Who are you?

She turned at me and I saw a pretty girl with a short black hair, her beautiful brown eyes, and a cute smile. Not to mention, we look exactly at the same age.

???: My name's Charlotte. And you are?

I was speechless.. Literally.

Charlotte: *Giggle* What's wrong?

Ace: uh.. I mean.. I'm Ace.

Charlotte: That's a nice name.

Ace: Thanks.

When I look in her arms, her wrist was swollen.

Ace: What happened to your wrist?

Charlotte: Oh this? Well...

Her smile suddenly disappears.

Ace: S-Sorry, I didn't mean to ask that so suddenly..

Charlotte: This happened to me because of the daily experimentation. I always keep on struggling to break free, but, when I do so, they keep on tightening the strap on my arms.

I feel sorry for her, but, I realized that I was also doing the same thing earlier.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps coming in closer to us.

Charlotte: Well, I guess it's breakfast time.

The footsteps were from Christie, who is Boro's assistant.

Christie: Ok, time to go to the dining room you two.

She opened our cellars and guided us to the way to the dining room.

Charlotte: Hey Ace, can I ask you something?

Ace: Yeah, What is it?

She blushed and her face is really red.

Charlotte: Can I be your friend?

Ace: Uh.. Eh.. Sure.

She was really happy all of the sudden.


When we reached it, I was surprised. It looks like we're in a dome. I was also surprised to see that a hundred of children were also in there.

I realized, that this was no time to be amazed, because I am now officially a test subject for these people.

I sat down and I was about to eat, when I feel someone was staring at me, like he was gonna kill me.

I hear heavy footsteps behind me, and I see my seatmates on the table was scared and was shivering.

Then someone placed its arm on my shoulder.

???(rage): What do you think you are doing, punk?

He was angry at me for some reason, I don't know why..

Charlotte: Ok Ace, say ahhh..

I looked beside me, and Charlotte was about to feed me. Sooo... Maybe he was talking about her?

Ace: Y-You got it all wrong, I was—

Before I could finish, he smashed the table.

Ace: Waahhh!!

Charlotte: Hey Kai, stop that.

I noticed him getting embarrassed all of the sudden.

Kai: F-Fine!

He went back to his table.

Meanwhile, my food has spilled to the floor..

Charlotte: Here Ace, say ahhh...

Now she was about to feed me again.

I was about to accept her offer, I was punched in the face. And damn it did hurt.

Guards burst in the dining room and took Kai in custody for hurting a fellow test subject...

I saw Boros came inside and ordered all of us to go back to oir cellar. He looked at me with pitiful eyes. I was also taken in custody for starting it all, but the truth is I'm innocent.

Boros: It's time for experiment, test subject 0 (aka Ace).

I was once again strapped down.

I looked in my right and I saw machine aimed straight at me.

Ace: What is that?

Boros: This? It's a machine that uses wave frequency to force the shard in your body to ignite, and bond with your body. Ok, let the experiment begin.


After an hour...

I was tossed back to my cellar...

And I was being haunted by the image in my head of myself, struggling, while my body was burning like hell...

Charlotte: Ace, are you alright?!

I didn't respond due to the trauma...


The next day...

The same thing happened again..

Boros: This experiment will not end, unless you stop rejecting that power.

I was then... Being experimented on day by day, but something happened that even I didn't anticipated...

To be continued...

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