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A Little Good Influence | Max Thunderman x Reader by ShunsGirl
A Little Good Influence | Max R.M.Weasley
Every time over-achiever (Y/N) (L/N) meets constant-troublemaker Max Thunderman, a full-on snap fest engages. Everyone thinks that when they get together the world will...
Aliens For Justice; Book 1: Ben 10 Returns  by AzielWrites04
Aliens For Justice; Book 1: Ben Aziel's þyrlian Literature
After the aftermath of his last great battle- he had finally gotten rid of Vilgax, his greatest ever enemy for good, but at what cost? Since that day, Ben 10, the infamo...
ONYX✔️ by vviticus
ONYX✔️by vviticus
***Second book of the Gift Chronicles. Can be read as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading the first book: "The Alpha and the Vigilante" first*** •••...
Tomb Raider - Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel by LAC1940
Tomb Raider - Carol Danvers/ FantasyandHistory
"Higher, further, faster, baby!" The pager was only for emergencies, but every so often Captain Carol Danvers will return to earth to visit her friends there...
Protector of the Universe  by DarkGravity__
Protector of the Universe by DarkGravity
The Celestialsapiens are an alien race of Omnipotent beings that are born in a dimension called the Forge of Creation. One day, a Celestialsapien leaves his home to help...
Ntring My Friends by Kaiokengoku
Ntring My Friendsby Kaiokengoku
Have you ever wanted to fuck you friends wives or girlfriends?
The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse (sample) by Reffster
The Four Baristas of the Geoff Blackwell
When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ...
Gotham's Ray of Sunshine by socallaian
Gotham's Ray of Sunshineby socallaian
A classic betrayal story where Lie-la's actions lead to Marinette ending up in Gotham after a school trip. There, she runs into a few unexpected but not exactly unwanted...
The Dark Witch (Peter Parker x y/n)  by scarletwitch47483
The Dark Witch (Peter Parker x y/ scarletwitch2009
The Dark Witch is her code name is Y/N, and she is a person that is not to be treated lightly. You see Y/n is an assassin, a 16 year old black Widow to be exact. At the...
elements  by yay997
elements by Yay987
In a world where people were born with powers, han jisung has none... Hyunjilix Minchan Seungin
Hiding From The Demons - Jonathan Kent by RandomReader0015
Hiding From The Demons - Victoria
Jonathan Kent is much more than just the human son of Superman. Jonathan is feeling helpless and neglected, but is trying his best to navigate through this complicated w...
Love and War (SakuAtsu Magic School AU)  by CrackshotReaper
Love and War (SakuAtsu Magic CrackshotReaper
"Courage isn't the absence of fear, but the ability to overcome it." In a beautiful world plagued by demons born of fear: A top student at a magical academy os...
Call me Nature | Henry Danger ✅ by MsDaCookie
Call me Nature | Henry Danger ✅by [ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ]
After years of living in Bordertown, a city in America, Delilah is forced to move into Swellview, due to the new job of her step-dad. This means new school, new friends...
Joker's Aftermath and Transition by SirTuskz
Joker's Aftermath and Transitionby SirTuskz
John was officially declared King due to his recent exposition, now everyone knows his past, and everyone knows that he has an ability. Even after knowing that fact, eve...
Crow's mouth pierced into a cannon fodder vase [Through the book] by bei-ai
Crow's mouth pierced into a Xīntiào
WARNING!! *** NOT MINE :OFFLINE PURPOSES*** a translation novel. So I try my best.. Original Title : 乌鸦嘴穿成炮灰花瓶[穿书] Author: He Jiaren {禾嘉荏} The crow spirit Yaya failed t...
Come Love A Stranger by GoodnessShadrach
Come Love A Strangerby GoodnessShadrach
A Thousand year old Forest guardian has loved only one human woman but can never have her. She often slips away from him through death and there was nothing he could do...
How'd You Get This Number? // mamaspider by superperce_lock
How'd You Get This Number? // flower
When Peter Parker accidentally sends a quick text to Natasha Romanoff herself, things start to get a little wacky. Especially when Peter gets himself an internship at St...
Two sidekicks  by dancergirl1027
Two sidekicks by Sage
Cassidy Thunderman was the sister to Phoebe, Max, Billy, Nora, and Chloe. She was the daughter of Barb and Hank. She was a sidekick with Henry to Captain Man. She was Gi...
Supernova (BNHA x Male OC) by silverowlbells
Supernova (BNHA x Male OC)by silverowlbells
A group of notorious villains plan to use the quirks of 6 hostages to open a portal to another world so they can summon someone more powerful than All Might. Everyone th...
Just Kids! || Stranger things || Billy Hargrove [In Progress] by onlyposersfuckingdie
Just Kids! || Stranger things || poser
[Billy Hargrove x male oc] - - - - - - IN WHICH Dylan Aka 018 just wanted to be a normal teenager, but due to the younger kids. he is dragged into drama, fights, and in...