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Ezra is being strangled by Drol.

Drol: Did you really think you could beat us?

Ezra: Why you!

Ezra kicked Drol, but he suddenly disappeared to the shadows.

Ezra's POV
He disappeared through the shadows!? Then that means...

Drol: No matter what you do, you will never hit me.

Ezra: Don't count on it.

Drol: hmm..?

Ezra used another attack stance.

Drol: What is this?

Ezra: If you instantly disappear to the shadows, then I just need to light my way through this room.

Ezra released a huge amount of her divine magic, creating a powerful beam of light.

Drol: So bright!

Ezra quickly dashed towards Drol and kicked him so hard that he was blown away to the wall.

Ezra: Did you really think you can defeat me by using those little tricks of yours.

Despite his situation, Drol just laughed at what Ezra said.

Drol: This is getting interesting.

Drol used his own shadow to escape the bright light.

Ezra: What the!? Is that even possible!?

Drol appeared under her and pulled half of her body to the ground.

Drol: Did you really think we didn't plan this carefully.

As Ezra struggles, the powerful light of her magic began to fade.

Julie: Ezra!

Drol: *laugh* You were too naïve.

Julie: If only I can help her... Damn it!

Drol: You can't actually use your entire magic against me. When you battled Trez, you isolated him in a magic dome. But, as you can see, we actually did that on purpose.

Ezra: What!?

Julie: They actually knew about our trump card!?

Drol: Exactly. You can use your divine magic against any formidable opponent, but the only weakness of that magic is that, you can use it simulataneously. Trez is still trapped in your magic dome as we speak. But, by defeating us, you need to use your ability.

Ezra: Why you!

Julie's POV
I can't believe that they are actually prepared, not to mention, they planned this. In our current situation, we're just dancing on the palm of their hands.

Ezra: No... Not yet..

Drol: Can you speak louder, I didn't heard what you just said..


Ezra released another huge amount of energy.

Drol: I–Impossible!

Ezra broke free from her captivity and summoned a divine weapon.

Ezra: Divine weapon: Gloves of light!

Ezra charged in to attack Drol.

Drol escaped through his shadow, but this time he was very unlucky.

Even though he already went to the shadows, Ezra pulled him out like a stuff toy in the dark.

Drol's POV
She is really strong as they say..! No wonder they called her... The uncrowned Overlord.

She was about to punch Drol with full force, but a impenetrable barrier was in her way.

Ezra: What!?

Drol sighed in relief.

Drol: You really took your time.

???: Sorry. This kid is a little strong.

Ezra: That voice, could it be—

Ezra turned and saw that the one who saved Drol was... Max.

Julie: Max!?

Ezra: Max!? You betrayed us!?

Max: This kid got some really strong magic residing inside him. I'm sorry, but, this Max you're talking about is already gone.

Ezra: What!?

Max: I am Lux, nice to meet you.

Ezra: Lux...!?

Drol: *laugh* I told you before didn't I? We already planned this.
That's why we know the worst case scenarios.

Ezra was speechless..

Lux: It's over..

Julie: What did you do to Max!!

Lux: You mean this kid's consciousness? I have just taken over his body, that's all. I am a mage of manipulation. And my special skill is a move called take over.

Ezra fall onto her knees.

Julie: Ezra!

Ezra: I body feels heavy.

Lux: That is because of this body's magic, Heavy Gravity.

Ezra is in quite a pinch.

Julie's POV
  These chains are preventing me use my magic all this time...

Julie: Ezra, fight!

Ezra: I can't... My body is heavy.

Drol: It's over.

Footsteps were suddenly heard walking down from the throne.

The guild master has finally revealed himself.

Thros: Well, well, well... I really thought you could put up a fight.

Ezra: You..!

Thros: Those two dimwits actually believed that you weak wizards can actually beat me and my guild.

All of the sudden, Ezra has hit the ground harder.

Ezra: W-what p-power...

Julie: He's too powerful.

Ezra's metal armor was being pulled down to the ground.

Thros: I will make you my slave.

Ezra was put into tears..

Ezra: Somebody help me...

Thros: Nobody is gonna help both of you now.

Drol: Master, what about the other girl?

Thros: Do whatever you want with her.

Drol: Thank you boss.

Thros grabbed Ezra's neck and was on top of her.

While Drol and Lux are about to strip Julie off of her clothes.

The two girls screamed for help...

Thros: I told you didn't I? Nobody's gonna save both of yo—

All of the sudden, something crashed through the wall in the throne.

Thros: What the!

Ace: Phew. I couldn't brake in mid air and crashed inside of this place instead. Good thing I landed on a chair.

Thros: Who the hell are you!?

Ace looked at them.

Ace: Hey now, that's not a proper way to treat ladies.

Drol: You didn't answered his question, Who are you!

Ace stood up from the throne and said: "I am the one who will beat all of you".

Ace was pretty damn serious about this one.

To be continued...

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