Maze Brawl!

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Jack: Now... let the games begin!

The game commenced and Julie and the twins immediately run to whatever path they run to.

Ace: I see... so they chose to rely on luck in this stage.

Juniper: But, the question is... if they're luck is on the spot.


Julie: So far we spotted no enemy ahead of us.

Hansel: Got that right. Looks like they intend on winning this round by going to the exit.

Gretel: But, so far, the exit is knowhere to be found.

Julie: That's right... and if this goes on.. they'll all resort to the other way.

Hansel: Gretel, get ready to engage in combat.

Gretel: Yes, brother.

Gretel transformed into a rifle. Hansel grabbed Gretel and they were ready for any opponent.

Julie carries her axe behind her.

Hansel: It's been bugging me for some time now, but, is that axe suppose to be the thing that activates your magic?

Julie: Yes. So far, I've signed a contract between 4 ancient beasts.

Hansel: Interesting..

Gretel: Brother, I sense a strong magic wave up ahead.

Julie and Hansel kept their guards up as they run through the maze.

Suddenly, an ecplosion occured at the other side of the maze.

Julie: Just as I thought, they chose to capture than to dind the exit.

Hansel: Well, we gotta admit, both choices are very risky. The fact that the exit is knowhere to be found, and if you encounter a strong opponent, we're screwed.


Ezra: They've been running for a while now...

Ace: ... And still, they haven't found the exit yet.


Suddenly, the wall beside them melted. Julie and Hansel backed a little.

Julie: I guess we've been found.

The person that melted the wall was in fact the person that Ace bumped into the other day.

Julie: It's you!?

Gretel: Brother, I sense a strong maguc energy from that guy. If we stay here...

Hansel: ... we'll get caught...

???: Before I capture both of you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Zenzo of the Heaven's Pawn guild. Nice to meet you all.

Hansel: Run!

Julie and Hansel run towards the other way, but the wall suddenly bend towards their direction and blocked the way.

Julie: We're trapped!

Z: Looks like I found another prey. And this time, you won't get away.

Ramp: What are you waiting for Zenzo, capture them.

Then the other guild team members head towards Julie and Hansel's location.

Hansel: Shit, we got cornered first. And from the looks of it.. we are the only one that are being targeted. And they're helping each other.

Julie: Looks like we got no choice but to intercept them head on.

Julie took out the axe and suddenly, a huge magic circle appeared on the ground.

A blinding flash of light occured when the maguc circle disappeared.

And when it did, the magic circle materialized into a tiger.

Julie: Ancient Magic: Divine Beast Tiger!

Hansel started to flow his magical energy within Gretel and is now loaded and ready for battle.

Julie: We're going to win no matter what!

To be continued...

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