The Guild Master

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Ezra and the others head towards the festival to find the guild master.
Meanwhile, Ace is ordered to stay within the guild and wait for their return.

Ace: Hmm... It's so boring to stay in the guild all alone.
   It's already been 30 minutes, and they're still aren't back yet.
   I wonder what the guild master looks like.

Ace looks at the ceiling.

Ace: Ok, it's decided. I'm gonna head towards the festival too. Nothing beats curiosity.

Ace left the guild and head towards the festival.

At the mean time, Ezra and the others are still struggling to find the guild master.

Ezra: Jeez, she could be anywhere right now!

Max: She did told us before she left for the meeting that she wanted some alone time.

Ezra: She probably know that we wouldn't let her go here alone, so she snuck out by herself. Great job Zaldo.

Zaldo: Hey! Why are you blaming me for?!

Julie: Settle down guys! We won't find her if we keep acting like a bunch of kids.



Ace is walking around town, looking at the festival stands.

Ace: Whoa, this festival really is a big deal in this place.

Ace suddenly smelled something good to eat. He immediately head towards the source of the smell.

Ace: hmm... A crèpe stand? Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Ace ordered one.

Vendor: Thank you for buying

Ace: umm.. You're welcome.

When he was about to leave, the vendor suddenly scolded a person. Ace couldn't see the person's face because of its jacket's hood.

Vendor: You're gonna order a crèpe, but you don't got any money!? Don't give me that bullshit!!

The crowd suddenly set their attention on them. Ace felt a little sorry for that person.

Ace went back and ordered another one.

Ace: One order for this person please, my treat.

Vendor: Uh... Okay.

Ace gave the crèpe to the person.

Ace: Here you go. Next time when you go to a festival, always bring your pocket money.

Person: Thank you.

Ace heard a girl's voice. When Ace looked back, the person disappeared.

Ace: What a weird day I'm having.

Ace heads back to the guild, after he looked around for a bit.


20 minutes later...

Julie separated with the others to look for the guild master.

Julie: Where could she be?

Suddenly, she heard a girl humming at the park.

Julie: That voice, it must be her.

Julie dashed towards it.

Julie: I finally found you. Thank god..


Back at the guild...

Trent and Zaldo already gave up on looking and was sleeping in the tables.

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