Ace vs G.O.D

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King: What's going on!?

Ace: Don't worry, your majesty.

Princess: Who are you?

Ace: I'm Ace. Nice to meet you.

Julie: I'm so glad you came, Ace.

Ace: No need to worry, for I am here.

Kenzo stood back up

Kenzo: You just fall right into my trap.

Ace wondered why. He suddenly noticed that the ropes on Julie and the princess' hands are attached to Ace's arms.

Ace: Shit!

Kenzo: Too bad, boy.

Kenzo turned his shadow into a spear and threw it straight at Ace.

Ace managed to dodge it.

Ace: What the hell is going on!

Kenzo: You see... my magic is that I can create objects from my shadows and control them at will.

Ace: So that means..

Kenzo: That's right boy. Those ropes are mad from my shadows.

Ace: I can't fight him in my state. If I attacked him or get attacked by him, the shock will go right to Julie and the princess. I need to find a way to break free.

Kenzo: That's enough! I'll just have to end this in a flash.

The g.o.d turned into a shadow and went back to Kenzo.

His right hand turned into the cannon itself.

Kenzo: From the very beginning, I absorbed the g.o.d into my body, therefore it is a part of my body.

He fired above the ceiling of the castle.

Ace used back as a cover for Julie and the royal family.

After the falling of the debris, the ceiling was blown off to bits.

Julie: I thought that g.o.d needs a core for it to fire?

Kenzo: I gave half of my power to this weapon, but when it comes to destroying everything, it needs the holy crystal.

Ace suddenly noticed something.

Ace ran towards the wall.

Ace: If you wanna attack me, then go ahead!

He opened his arms, leaving his body defenseless.

Julie: Ace! What are you doing?!

Ace: It's alright. I'm about to end this.

Princess: By letting him kill you!?

Kenzo: What a great choice boy. Don't worry, this'll only hurt really bad.


Jazz was down, and Ash was sitting beside the door.

Ash: What do you plan on doing in this situation, Ace.


Kenzo fired once again.

This time it hit Ace's stomach.

Kenzo: That was a warning shot. I guess you really are preapred to die.

He prepared once again for the second shot.

Julie was in tears, and the princess was shocked on what happened to Ace.

Kenzo: Die.

Kenzo fired once again, but this time, he aimed at Ace's heart.

Even the King and Queen don't wanna take a look.

The rope suddenly fade away and Julie and princess was free.

Ace: 10 seconds... 100% strength on!


Ace dashed towards Kenzo.



Kenzo fired once again, but this time Ace deflected the blast to the wall.




Ace feels cold and was losing a lot of blood.



Kenzo laughs and tries to fire once again.


Ace grit his teeth and continued on.


Kenzo fired but Ace punched straight with full force. Creating a strong wind.

Kenzo's bones including the weapon broke.

Julie ran towards Ace.

Julie: Ace, are you okay?!

She was suddenly shocked to see that Ace's injuries were gone.

But Ace was unconcious while standing.

The royal family was saved, the Continental destroyer was destroyed, and the council army has arrived in the scene.


Ace finally woke up in a infirmary, and saw that Julie was sleeping beside him.

Ash: She looked out for you the whole time, you know.

Ace: What happened?

Ash: You defeated the terrorist, you rescued my daughter and prevented the world from total catastrophe. But, this news was erased from anyone's mind. But somehow, you , me and some people doesn't want to forget this.

Ace: Who?

Ash: That's better left unanswered. Well, I gotta go, we'll have another meeting in an hour.

Ace: I see...

Ash was about to leave when he glanced back at Ace. He remembered himself with Lily.

To be continued....

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