First Quest

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The next day...

Ace starts to leave at 6:00 am in the morning and head straight towards the country of Xentros.

Ace: *yawn* Maybe I left a little too early.

Julie: Tell me about it.

Ace: I don't know why you want to come with me on this trip.

Julie: You're a newbie to the guild, so as a fellow member, I will try my best to help you in this quest.

Ace: Well, I guess I have no choice. I do need your help, cuz' I don't freakin' know where the heck is Xentros.

Julie: It is pretty far, that is why were going to travel there via ship.

Ace suddenly looked uncomfortable.

Ace: D-Did you just said, ship?

Julie: Yes. Why?

Ace suddenly feels like he was gonna throw up.

Ace: I get seasick, that's why.

Julie: But traveling there via ship is way faster than to walk for a mile.

Ace: Sorry, I think I'm gonna throw up.

Julie: Don't be such a wuss. *grabs Ace's shirt* Come on!

Ace: W-wait a minute! I'm not ready!


Ace has no choice but to ride in a ship towards Xentros.

Ace(sick): I think I'm having second thoughts about accepting this mission.

Julie: So you're deciding to quit and let Max more desperate?

Ace: That's not what I meant. I didn't even know he had a terrible backstory.

Julie: I think so too.


Ace: Sure, I will accept this mission. But I have 1 question.

Max: What is it?

Ace: What happened anyway... Why are you so desperate to put this two to justice.

Max: Well... I was once a member of a guild called Ogre Scythes. I have a lot of friends in that guild. The guild master there, was my father. We are always having fun in the guild. Until one day... those two criminals came and killed everyone I know in that guild, even my father. I got away, I was the only survivor. That's why, I beg you to take this quest. They suddenly bumped into me when I was going home from my mission. I must avenge my family! Please! Accept my request!

(End of backstory).


Julie: I guess we've successfully arrived to our destination.

Julie glanced at Ace. Ace was throwing up in the deck of the ship.

Julie: NYAHHH!! What are you doing?!

Ace wiped his mouth.

Ace: I couldn't hold it in any longer.

Julie(frustrated): You could've at least throw up when you have already leave the ship.

Ace: Nevermind that. Let's just focuse on the mission at hand.


Ace and Julie head straight towards town.

Julie: So how do you intend to find these criminals?

Ace: Just watch..

Julie was confused on what just Ace's said.

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