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Alexis reached the side of the mountain.

Alexis: It looks like they are inside a cave.

Alexis went inside the cave where the beastmen are said to be.

Suddenly, A huge bat-like-monster appeared out of knowhere and pounced directly at Alexis.

Alexis managed to dodge it though.

???: Who are you intruder!

Alexis: I was just passing by.

Suddenly, a big thumping sounds coming from the inner part of the cave is getting closer and closer to my location.

???: What's all the noise Kelowak.

Kelowak: Drok, an intruder went inside our camp.

Alexis: Kelowak is the bat beast, while Drok is a Bull beast.

Drok looks at Alexis.

Drok: What do you want, amazon. The battle doesn't start 'till tomorrow.

Their looks were very intimidating, not to mention they are 7 meters tall.

Alexis: I just want to see some things.

Kelowak: Why you-!

Drok: Stop, Kelowak. I'll take you to the boss.

Drok lead Alexis deeper into the cave to see the boss of the beastmen.

When they reach the deeper part, Alexis saw the captured amazon warriors being slaves to the beastmen.

There are about 19 beastmen inside the cave, but I guess they are not to be underestimated.

Drok opened a door, and inside was their boss.

Drok: Boss, there is someone who wants to see you.

???: What does it want.

Alexis: So, you're the mastermind behind this happenings in this island.

The boss was sitting in a couch, with slaves around him. The slaves are somewhat breathing heavily.

The boss was a lion beast.

???: Hmmm... I don't seem to remember you being one of the amazons.

The boss looks at Alexis from top to bottom.

???: Who are you.

Alexis: I'm just a person passing by.

Drok: Don't you dare-!

???: Halt, Drok. This is our visitor. And it is only natural that we show hospitality. Unless, it makes an enemy out of us.

Alexis: If I may ask. What do you plan to do to all with this amazons.

???: Of course a girl like you will never understand. This place is paradise for men, in short, this is an island of treasures. This slaves' purpose is to serve and for pleasure.

Alexis clenched her fist on what she just heard.

Alexis: Well then, I'll be taking my leave now.


Alexis went down the mountain and headed back to the amazons.

When Alexis got back, Ezra was still in training.

Alexis: Yo, Ezra.

Ezra looked at the one who was calling her.

Ezra: Yo.

Alexis: Why do you intend to participate in the competition.

Ezra: .... I fight... for my people. As the next heir, I need to save my people from those filthy monsters.

Alexis: I see...

Alexis has a lot of questions for her, but she realized that it is best not to stress her out before her match.

Alexis: Well, I guess I gotta go. Good luck on your match tomorrow.

Ezra: Thanks.


Alexis went for the bath house.

Alexis: Damn it. Going into their lair made me smell like their cave.

Alexis opened the door and saw the bath house was huge. The water is coming down from the waterfall.

Alexis: Awesome. Now, it's time to take a bath!

Alexis jumped into the water.

Alexis: This feels good.

Suddenly, 15 amazons came out of the water.

Amazon 1: I win! I dived even longer.

Amazon 2: No you're not.

Alexis: Well, this a clichè turn of events.


That night....

Alexis was about to return to her room, when she saw that Ezra was still in training.

Ezra: I gotta win! In order for me to save my people. I gotta win to know where is my sister!

Alexis: Her sister? Now she mentioned it, the queen said that she was her second daughter.

To be continued....

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