Let the Test Begin!

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Ace rans through the forest of Tresta, without any weapons.

Ace looks around as he ran, and noticed something.

Ace: Are they sure? This is the place the map leads to.

An hour ago....

Juniper: Alright. Now I will tell you where the Adaptrix Breed are hiding inside that dome.

Juniper took out a map inside of the dome.

Ace: So, where is it located exactly.

Juniper pointed at the southern part of the dome.


Ace: I am approximately at the center of the dome. Another 2 km and I'll reach their hideout. But, so far.. I see nothing so far. Maybe they died out of hunger? Only one way to find out.

Ace continued running.

Once he got out of the forest, he reached the field of grass.

And there, he was surprised to see that that field was filled with corpses and blood.

Ace: This is way beyond on what I expected...

Ace began his walk through the field of corpse.

Ace glanced at his left and saw someone who's still alive, but heavily injured.

Ace: Wait right there..! I'll save you..!

Ace ran towards the survivor.

The person stopped walking and shouted at Ace.

Survivor: SAVE YOURSE---

Before the survivor even finished what he was about to say, a person pounced behind him, and took a bite off his head.

Ace was stopped in his tracks.

Ace: What the hell..!?

The person took out a piece of the survivor's skull between his teeth.

Person: Yuck! His brain is disgusting, yet his magical energy is rather tasty.

The person glanced at Ace who was in front of him.

Person: Oh! Another meal.

Ace looked at this person carefully.

Ace: What the hell is this guy? The way he pounced at that guy, he was a tiger... Don't tell me..!

Person: Thank you for the food!

The person dashed towards Ace and pounced once again.

Ace: But.... My movements are much faster in combat.

The person was surprised that in the blink of an eye, Ace disappeared in front of him.

Ace: Don't underestimate me... you creature.

The person laughed in amusement.

Ace: Did I said something funny.

Person: No. It's just that.... you're the 14th person who told me that. Oh yeah, all of them died though. But, I see that you're different from the rest. Amuse me, MEAL.

The person raised his hand. And Ace saw a part of his shirt in his hand.

Ace: Tch. This guy is no joke, he's the real deal.

Person: Huh? What are you talking about.. I'm nothing compared to the others.

Ace: What..!? There were more?!

Person: Oh, how rude of me for not introducing myself sooner. *bows down* My name is Jero, adaptrix breed number 4. Creature name: Liger.

Ace: My name is Ace, and I am here to exterminate all of you.

Jero: Hmm.. Interesting.

Ace squeezed his buttocks and jumped higher. Jero did the same thing.

They both clenched their fists and finally clashed midair.


Juniper and the others are walking up the stairs beside the dome.

Julie: Who knew that they would make magic stairs too.

Juniper: Of course. When locking something up in a box, it's only natural for you to poke holes to see what is happening on the inside.

Hansel: So the end of this stairs has something that can watch any activity that is currently happening inside the dome?

Juniper: That's right.

Gretel: So that way, we can watch Ace's fight.

When Juniper reached the end of the stairs, a crystal was stationed in the top of the dome.

Julie: There's nothing here but a small crystal.

Juniper: That is not just any crystal.

Juniper touched the crystal, resulting in its activation.

A large projected monitor popped out of it.

Max: Impressive. So this means, we can watch Ace's movements and when the situation has gone out of hand, we can save him even quicker now that we know where he is.

Juniper: Exactly. Now let's see what he's doing right now.

Juniper searched Ace's location inside the dome. And when they finally found Ace's location, all they can see is a large crater covering the whole field.

Julie: What happened?!

Max: What happened to Ace?!

Juniper: I don't know, but I see his thermal signature.

Juniper faced the screen at Ace's thermal signature, and all of the sudden, they were filled with despair on what they just saw.

Ace was down, and Jero on the other hand, is laughing at Ace.


Jero: I told you didn't I? You're nothing but a meal to me.

To be continued...

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