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Ace: Looks like we are once again caught up in another dangerous mission.

Ezra: Indeed.

Max was still thinking how his blades turned against them.

Zaldo: This mission requires awareness. We don't know who or what we're dealing with here.

Julie: This pretty much shows that Spade is not the one behind this..

Hansel: I wouldn't be so sure about that... we still lack evidence..

Ace: He's right. For now, let's stick together.

Cole: You can all stay at our base for the meantime... by the way, Trent is also at our base.

Ace: Trent?!

Julie: Is he okay?

Cole: Yes... but sadly... he is the only survivor when the guild was attacked.

Zaldo: That's good news.

Hansel: Indeed. We can ask him what actually happened here and who's responsible for this.

Cole: Now then, let's go.

Julie picked a flower in their garden and she puts it down on the center of the wrecked guild.

Julie: May you all rest in peace..

Ace: Julie...

Julie: Be right there.


They finally reached the base.

Zaldo: We'll see you all later.

Ace: Where are you two going?

Hansel: We're going to see Trent, and ask him for details. For now, you guys take a rest.

Gretel: Okay, brother.

Zaldo and Hansel went to the medical area to see Trent.

Ace: Is it just me, or is Hansel behavibg like an adult?

Gretel: It's complicated.

They immediately went to their assigned room.

Ace and Ezra stayed at the conference room to wait for Hansel and Zaldo's return.

Ace: We got caught up in something big once again...

Hansel and Zaldo entered the conference room.

Ezra: Well, any news?

Ace: Is Trent okay?

Hansel: Trent is okay, but...

Ace: But what?

Zaldo: He forgot all about what happened when the guild was attacked..

Ezra: What?!

Hansel: We have two possible reasons, it could be that he was experiencing amnesia, or...

Ace: It was the enemy's magic... is that it?

Zaldo: Yes.

Ezra: An enemy that can overwrite someone's memory and someone that cannot be hit by magic...

Ace: This is really uncalled for...

Hansel: We are indeed in a major disadvantage, for we lack information about our enemies.

Zaldo: We'll gather information about these four horsemen in order to know who we're up against with.

Hansel: For now, we rest.

Ace: Got it.


Ace went outside for a moment to take a fresh air.

He then saw Julie who was also doing the same thing.

Julie: Ace?

Ace: Julie? What are you doing outside?

Julie: Just looking at the sky, I guess.

Ace: I see. Don't mind if I join you?

Julie: Sure, why not.



Hansel was gathering info through the royal archives.

Hansel: There has got to be something that has info about these four horsemen.

Suddenly, his.instincts kicked in and took a certain book out of the shelf.

Hansel: "Apocalypse" huh.

Hansel opened the book and saw a certain page that tells something about the four horsemen.

Hansel: An uprise... huh.

To be continued...

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