A Powerful Force

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Ace lost conciousness, Merlone grabbed Ace and showed the people.

Ezra was shocked.

Merlone: This what happens when someone goes against me.

Ezra: Ace.... Lost....

Merlone: No one is stronger than me!

He throws Ace back to the arena. Ace hit the the ground hard that the arena splits into two.

Drok and the other beastmen laughed when they saw Ace.

Drok: In the end, he is also pathetic as these humans.

Merlone jumped down.

Merlone: I don't know who this person was, but he is worth being entertained.

Ezra crawled towards Ace and tries to wake him up.

Ezra: Ace, stand up...

Merlone: It's no use. A hit from my weapon knocked him out, forever that is.

Drok and the others laughef once more.

Merlone: Now that that was over, let's go back to our camp.

Drok took the queen and Merlone lead them back to the cave.

Ace suddenly stood up. Merlone and the others stopped once again in their tracks.

Merlone: You're really getting into my nerves! G.O.D 70% power!

He punched Ace and at the same time a strong shockwave happened when it hit.

Ace: What's that suppose to be...

Merlone was surprised that Ace blocked his punch with his finger.

Ace: 120% strength on...

Merlone: 120%!?

Merlone also saw something...

Merlone: This is not the same person I fought with!! His eyes are emotionless!

Ace: Is it my turn? If so... prepare yourself, you lowlife.

Merlone: Lowlife!?

Ace puts his hands in his pocket.

Ace: How about a little handicap. I'll beat you without using my hands nor feet.

Merlone: You are pushing your luck boy!! G.O.D full power.

His weapon glows red.

Merlone: Once I put my weapons to full power, no one can defeat me, in fact, I can even destroy this island in one punch.

Ezra: What are you doing Ace!?

Ace: The last time I killed someone, are two thugs back at home. And now, a beast. VERY INTERESTING!

Merlone: DIE!!

Merlone punches directly at Ace, but Ace blocked it with his head.

The clash of the two were so powerful that a tower of wind was made.


Drok: Who won?!

Ezra was also curious. The dust suddenly clears.

Everyone couldn't believe their eyes.

Ace defeated Merlone, plus his G.O.D was destroyed.

Ezra: I can't believe, that he had finally lost..

Drok and the other beasts grabbed Merlone who was unconcious and ran away. They sailed far away from the island, never to return.

Ace head towards Ezra and picked her up.

Ezra: I guess, in the end, I'm the one who got saved.

Ace was back to normal after the fight.

Ace: It's time to get you patched up.

Ezra: Yes.


That night...

The other amazons were saved and they were finally free in the hands of Merlone. They all had a feast to celebrate their freedom.

As for Ace, he was surrounded by amazons while he was eating, which makes him a little embarrased.

While Ezra and her mother sat on the throne. Having  a conversation with each other, which they haven't done in a really long time.


In the morning...

They started to depart back to the guild.

Ezra: Goodbye everyone. We shall meet once again.

Everyone was waving farewell to Ezra and Ace.

Ace suddenly remembered the letter in his pocket.

Ace: Umm.... Ezra, perhaps you know what time the ball is at the kingdom?

Ezra: Ball? I guess, from what I heard, it is tonight.

Ace: I see.

Ace wished to know who this Arturia person is...

To be continued...

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