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New york city. A city that is always so busy, even at night.

A kid is walking down an alleyway, when suddenly he was stopped by 2 thugs.

Thug 1 (pulls out a gun): "Give me all of your valuables, or else I'm gonna rain down bullets onto your head".

The kid didn't responsed..

Thug 2: "Are you listening kid!".

The second thug removed the kid's hood.

Minutes goes by... The kid suddenly suited up his hood and left the alleyway.

Kid: "*sigh* People these days.. they never learn. Anytime soon, pedestrians will notice them".

Back at the alley.. a girl screamed, looking at the bodies of the two thugs nailed at the wall, while their bloods are gushing down to the ground.

Meanwhile, the kid jumped high, and he reached the top of the empire state building.

Kid: "I, Ace, only wishes to have a normal life".

Ace closed his eyes..

Ace: "*sigh* I wish I wasn't the only one like this.

When he opened his eyes... He is laying down in the meadows.. Not sure on where he is..

Ace: "where am I?!"

To be continued...

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