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Back at the guild....

Juniper suddenly felt something wrong...

Juniper: You felt that, Zaldo.

Zaldo: Yeah, something is definitely wrong...

Ace suddenly opened the door of the master's lounge.

Ace: Julie was kidnapped!!!

Juniper and Zaldo was surprised on what they just heard..

Juniper: I knew it... what he told me was true..

Ace: What do you mean "he"?

Juniper: His father, Ash. He already predicted that this might happen, that is why he is keeping watch.

Ace: By watch, you mean..?!

The door was suddenly slammed open.

Juniper: Scary as ever...

Ash was standing in the door, with an angry look on his face.

He suddenly punched Ace right in the face.

Zaldo quickly hold onto Ash to prevent him from harming Ace.

Ash: You imbecile!!! You let them kidnapped my daughter!!!!

Juniper: Stop it! It's not his fault. They both let down their guard, and so are you.

Ash was suddenly surprised.

Juniper: Before both of them left to and head to the town, I saw you looking both at them at the distance.
You told me that the enemy is making their move and that I should guard Julie with my life. If anyone is to be blame here, is me.

Ace: I can't believe that the master took all of the blame for herself...

Ash finally calmed down as Zaldo lets go of him.

Ash: I'm gonna save my daughter, *points at Ace* and you, are gonna help me. Understood.

Ace: Aye, sir.

Ash: I'll meet you outside in 10 minutes. You have 600 seconds to prepare.

Ash slammed the door shut when he left the room.

Ace: Isn't he a part of the council? Why isn't he using his power to save his daughter.

Juniper: It's because he doesn't want anyone to be involve in his problem. That is the kind of guy he is. Now, it's time for you to prepare for your upcoming rescue mission. Ezra and the others are currently on a mission, so you will not expect reinforcements.

Ace: I don't need to prepare. I couldn't save Julie back then, but I will correct my mistakes and save her this time.

Juniper: Well said... I wish you luck.

Ace left the room with determination.

Zaldo: I don't know why, but things suddenly happened so fast. It's like, just a second ago they are in a panic.

Juniper: Okay, it's time we tell the council. If they kidnapped Julie, they must've found that G.O.D.

Zaldo: And they will use her....

Juniper: There's no time to waste. Let's go.

Zaldo: Yes, master.

Trent: Going somewhere, master?

Juniper: Oh right, I have a mission for you.

Trent: It's been a long time since I heard that from you. Now, it's getting more interesting.

To be continued....

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