Magic awakened

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Another day has passed by since then...

Ace yawns as he wake up in his room.

Ace: *Stretch* This place is rather big for a dormitory. Not to mention, this dorm is located at a hillside near the town.

After an hour...

He head out immediately to the guild.

Julie: Goodmorning!

Ace: Goodmorning. You guys seem early today?

Max: Of course we are. We also have jobs you know.

Ace looks around and saw the request board.

Ace: Hmm.. There are so many request today huh.

Max: It sure is.

Julie also looked and saw a Rank Z request.

Julie: No way! I've never expected to see a request like this in here.

Max looked at it with surprise.

Max: Seriously?! And the reward is 1 Billion Zenny!! What the hell!

Ace: Can I see what's the request all about?

Julie handed the request over to Ace.

Ace: " We need assistance immediately! A large number of unidentified beasts is taking over our country.". That is really an urgent request. Should we accept it?

Juniper came out of knowhere and grabbed the request paper from Ace.

Juniper: You shall not go to that quest, it is too dangerous even if you have extraordinary abilities or strong magics.

Ace: Why? Why is that request paper even there if no one is allowed to accept it.

Max: You have a point there.

Juniper: *sigh* A Rank Z requests are really difficult than you imagine. Do you know the news flying around about unknown creatures killing random mages?

Julie: Yes, that was issued yesterday.

Juniper: Actually, the council had a hunch about what kind of creatures they are.

Ace: What creatures?

Juniper: Adaptrix breed.

Ace: Adaptrix breed?

Juniper: That's right. But, that doesn't concern you right now. You should focus on the upcoming exam than being distracted by these things.

Ace was speechless on what she just said.

At the counter...

Ace: Hey Trent, Do you have any clue about Rank Z requests?

Trent: Pretty much yeah, why?

Ace: Is there something special about requests like that?

Trent puts down the glass he was cleaning.

Trent: Those kind of requests is for the higher ups.

A Rank- for everyone to accept.
B Rank- Selected Mages are needed to accept.
S Rank- The guild's stronger mages are the one that needs to accept.

Ace: So what's the status of Rank Z?

Trent: Before rank Z, that request is either one of the 3.

Ace: What do you mean?

Trent: The requests turns into Z rank in one of these possible reasons:

1. The quest requires an infinite amount of magic.
2. A lot of the people that accepted this request gained too much casualties. Resulting in an impossible mission.

Ace: I see.

Trent: Why do you wanna know about it anyway?

Ace: I'm just curious. Got to go, see you later.

Ace dashed out of the guild.

Trent: That's the reason? Seriously?


Ace headed towards the field, where Hansel is waiting for him.

Hansel: You're late.

Ace: I know. I just done something before I left. Phew, now let's get down to it!

Hansel: Got it.

Ace began his training with Hansel to awaken his potential on having a magic, in order for him to pass the test that Juniper told him.

Hansel: Empty your mind and maintain focus, and feel the energy flow into your body.

Ace tries very hard to follow Hansel's instruction, but he has having a hard time doing it.

Ace's POV
Easier said than done.

Ace: Hey Hansel, can I ask you something?

Hansel: Sure Ace, why not.

Ace: How come that I was the only one that needed to go through a test, while you and your sister don't.

Hansel: I don't know. Maybe the guild master has her reasons on doing so.

Ace was so pissed that he hardened his muscles, ready to strike a blow on something.

But, all of the sudden, his hands went on fire.

Ace: FIRE!!!

Hansel: Q-Quickly..umm... Go to the river next to the trees.

Ace screamed as he head towards the river.


Max was taking a stroll into the woods when he heard someone screaming.

Max: Sounds like a lady is in trouble!

Max quickly followed the sound, and he saw that the source of the sound was actually caused by Ace who was running around.

Hansel: Ace, faster!

Max also saw Hansel who was chasing Ace through the woods.

Max: I should've known.

Max turned his back to leave when he remembered something.

Max: Wait a minute, if he's headed straight to the river, WAIT! TODAY IS SATURDAY!!!

Max tried to catch up with Ace and Hansel as they headed straight to the river.


Ace finally reached the river and dipped his hands into the water.

Ace: That feels good~

Hansel: We made it.

All of the sudden, Julie, Gretel, Juniper, and Ezra are taking a bath at the river.

At the bushes, Max was looking at them.

Max: I guess it's too late to tell them, that every saturday, they always take a bath in the river.

Ace and Hansel's nose were running in blood.

And Julie screamed and Ezra punched both of them, which send them flying.


5 minutes later...

Hansel: Ok, so your magic is summoned using an item.

Ace: Huh? What are you talking about?

Hansel: Stones in this area is considered an item.
When you were tired earlier, you crushed a rock unconciously, leaving the small particles of the rock's remain scattered in your hands.

Ace: Is that so?

Hansel: There are two types of mages:

1) A mage that can use magic via magic circle, also known as a natural mage.
2) A mage summons his magic through objects, also known as item magic manipulator or IMM for short.

Ace: I see. So I am a IMM.

Hansel: Pretty much yeah.

Ace clenched his fist with a smile on his face.

Ace's POV
  My very first magic is finally awakened.

To be continued...

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