Air Max

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And so, Ace stayed at the guild for the night. But, the guild at night is so dark, it kinda looks like in a horror movie.

Ace is laying down in one of the tables, still not asleep and is looking at the ceiling.

Ace: This world is amazing, although I don't have any magic.

He suddenly heard the door creaked open. Ace couldn't help but to hide under the table.

Ace's POV
Shit! I am already 16, but still I'm afraid of ghosts *shivering*.

He suddenly heard footsteps.

Ace is so afraid that he throws the table at the "ghost".


The table he threw was sliced into two.

The "ghost" attacked Ace also.

Ace dodged and the chair beside him was also sliced in a blink of an eye.

Ace's POV
  Crap! Looks like I angered the ghost!

The "ghost" suddenly appeared in front of him.

Ace: *screams like a little girl*

The "ghost" was startled and fled outside.

Ace was relieved.

Ace: Thank goodness, it left.

The next day...

Ace was looking sleepless.

Trent: Hey, you okay newbie?

Ace: I couldn't sleep last night... There was a ghost here last night.

Trent: So that is the excuse you're telling me?

Ace: huh? What do you mean?

Trent points at the corner.

Trent: You broke a table and a chair last night. What exactly did you do?

Ace: I'm telling you! There is a ghost here last night!

The other members heard Ace, and laughed.

Ace gave them an angry look and suddenly, they were shut.

Julie finally arrived.

Julie: Goodmorning!

Ace turns around.

Ace: Goodmorning.

Julie was surprised at Ace's look.

Julie: *screams* ZOMBIE!!

Ace: huh?! Where?! Where?!

Trent: Hey calm down! It's Ace, he didn't get any sleep last night.

Julie: Phew, I thought you were a zombie. Sorry about that.

Ace: No worries.

Julie: Anyway, Why didn't you got any sleep last night?

Trent: *sigh* He said there was a ghost here last night.

Ace: It's True! It even attacked me!

Julie: *raised an eyebrow* Is that so? Anyway, Trent, I heard Max was back from his mission.

Trent: I heard it too.

Ace: Hey, who's this Max you're talking about?

Trent: He is one of our Class A mage.

Julie: He's quite strong.

Ace: Is that so? *stands up and cracks his knuckles* I would like to battle him sometime.

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