Fair Crasher

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Ace: So, tell me how do I get in.

Member 1: You'll first have to touch this crystal ball, so we can determine what your magic is.

He took out the crystal ball and placed it on the counter table. Everyone in the guild was staring at what they're doing, and can't wait to see what magic he has.

Ace placed his hand on the crystal ball, suddenly, it glowed and words was projected inside it.

"No magic detected" was written in the crystal ball.

Ace (chibi): Huh?

Member 1: I guess, you don't have any magic at all. Sorry, but only magic users are allowed to join guilds.

Ace: Is that so.

Ace gripped the ball so hard, that it broke into small pieces.

Everyone was surprised on what Ace just did.

Member 1: I-Impossible! That crystal ball was one of the most unbreakable crystals in the world!

Ace turned around and headed to the exit.

Ace: *waves his hand* Well, I guess I shall take my leave then.

Member 1: W-Wait a second! I'll ask the guild master to let you join when she gets back! We desperately need your ability!

Ace glanced at the guild members. Everyone was scared.

Ace: My name's Ace, nice to meet you all.

The girl mage was actually watching Ace at the balcony.

He left and head towards the town square.

Ace: hmm... Even though chaos is spreading, everyone in this city looks like everything is normal.

He sat down in the center square's bench, and stares at the people around him.

The girl mage suddenly walked up to him.

Girl mage: So you followed me back to my guild.

Ace: Oh, it's you. Actually I was just curious in all sorts.

Girl mage: Is that so?

Ace: You know it's rude to talk to someone without saying their name first.

Girl mage: My name's Julie, Julie Straz.

Ace: I'm Ace. So if you came to see me here, then that means you have something to ask me, is that it?

Julie: I want to know, what are you?

Ace responded with a smirk on his face.

Ace: You'll know soon enough.

Ace stood up and continued on walking.

Julie: Hey wait a minute! I'm coming with you.

Ace: Suit yourself. By the way, how do you earn money in this world?

Julie: By asking that question, you must not from around here. You can earn money by accepting request from people to your guild. You can also gain a huge amount of money for slaying a demon and bring back its crystal heart which is used to make very rare items.

Ace noticed a lot of people at the fair.

Ace: What's going on in there?

Julie: Oh that? It's a magic machine where you'll bet all of your money. All you have to do is to hit the panel with your magic and once you reached a thousand points or more, you'll win all of the money that they all bet in there. But nobody really win in there actually, it is impossible.

Ace placed his hand on Julies' shoulder.

Ace: Can I borrow a penny.

Julie: Huh? What are you gonna do?

Ace: I'm gonna have a go on that machine.

Julie reached in her wallet and gave Ace a penny.

Ace: Watch and learn.

Ace walks towards the fair.

Julie's POV
Can he really pull it off? Back at the forest, he defeated a demon that we've been attacking for about an hour. Could it be just a coincidence that he defeated that demon?

Ace bets his penny in the machine. The crowd was laughing at Ace.

Person 1: *Laughs hard* That is all you have?

Person 2: Go home kid, even the best mages can't beat that machine.

Person 3: Don't go crying when you lose kid *Laughing*.

Ace looked at the indicator on how many money is inside of the machine. Ace grinned.

Ace: 5,739,617 zenny huh.

Ace hits the panel with his fist.

The machine indicated that his magic power is 3,582 points

The crowd was surprised to see that a kid just won the magic machine.

All the money inside the machine was gushing out.

Ace: Well, I guess this kid just won. *grinned*

Julie was surprised as well. Considering, that a boy with no magic beats a machine that requires magic.

Ace: Yo Julie. Can I borrow your magic wallet.

Julie: S-Sure.

She hands her wallet over.

Ace: Now then, I believe all this money now belongs to me.

He opened the wallet and all the money he won was sucked inside.

Ace walks away from the fair.

Ace: Oh, by the way, you can keep the money I won.

Julie: Huh? Why?

Ace hands over the wallet to Julie.

Ace: To help your guild, that's why.

Julie never seen anyone so kind to her and her guild.

Ace: Oh, by the way, why are being scolded back at your mission?

Julie frowned and looks down.

Julie: Because, when we are about to invade the forest, I was so hasty, that I charged in, thinking that I can beat all of them faster, but I can't. So that is why, all of the demons there were alerted, and they fought back.

Ace: hmmm.. That is indeed very dangerous. But *pats her head*, no need to worry, just let bygons be bygons and move on. Just remember, the only thing important is that no one died.

Julie: *smiles* Well, I guess you're right.

Ace: Well, it's getting dark soon, you should go back to your place.

Julie: I think so too.

Ace starts to walk away, and waved goodbye.

Julie just remembered something.

Julie (shouts): Umm... Do you got a place to go to?

Ace suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Ace's POV
  Shit... I acted too cool that I forgot that I got no place to crash in for the night.

Ace: Well, No.

Julie: *chuckles* Come on. I'll ask Trent to let you sleep in the guild.

Ace: Who's Trent?

Julie: He's the mage behind the counter. You broke his crystal ball, remember?

Ace: Ah.. I see. Ok then, I will take up on that offer.

Ace and Julie walks back to their guild.

Julie's POV
  He's a nice guy. I wonder if the master would accept him.

To be continued...

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