Set Free

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At Xentros' Bay...

Ezra: Are you sure that Julie is here?

Max: Yeah... probably. Now, will you please let me go?

Ezra: No way, you're gonna help me find Julie. And also, you are held responsible if something happened to her in this mission.

Max: Huh?! Why am I held responsible?!

Ezra: *intimidating look* Because those guild hunters you requested Julie to hunt down, will be the key to finally find their guild.

Max: You mean those killers...

Ezra: Not to mention, they're skilled and trained assasins.

Max thinks deeply, and grit his teeth in anger.

All of the sudden, Julie was running to the decks, to return back to her guild, when she bumped into Ezra and Max.

Ezra: Julie?!

Julie: Ezra?! You're back?! And Max?

Max: Yo.

Ezra: Where are the two guild hunters?

Julie: Ace pursuited them to the forest, and they were going to attack the guild! We have to turn back!

Julie tries to run again to the ship, but Ezra grabbed her hand to stop her.

Ezra: Who is this "Ace"?

Back at the forest...

Hansel: It's time to go. We need to finish the mission, before that mage comes after us again.

Gretel nodded in response.

They continued on running towards the Pixies Scale guild's location.

Ace on the other hand, jumps from branch to branch, pursuiting them once again.

Hansel felt a presence following them.

Hansel: Shit, he's here already. Gretel, you head towards Pixies Scale without me.

Gretel: But, what about the plan?

Hansel: Forget about the plan, we'll just have to improvise.

Hansel stopped running and punched the next tree Ace was about to jump into.

The tree fell down. And Ace was in plain sight.

Hansel: Ready for round 3 brat. *summons magic circles*.

Ace: Anytime.

Gretel just kept on looking forward and head straight towards the guild.


Hansel kept on punching Ace. Meanwhile, Ace wasn't fighting back at all.

Hansel: Why aren't you fighting back! Fight!

Hansel kept on hitting Ace without any mercy.

Ace suddenly backed off.

Hansel: Don't treat me like a weakling. Fight me fair and square.

Ace wiped his face.

Ace: *smirk* If I did that, there is no possibility of you being alive.


Gretel: I hope Hansel's all right.

A sword came out of knowhere and wounded Gretel's left thigh.

Gretel screamed in pain, while she was down on the ground.

A girl came out of the shadows and is holding a sword.

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