Chapter 1: Return

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3 weeks later, after the mission ended...

For now, Ace is still a temporary member. Not to mention, every guild has its own private dormitory for the members.

Not having a permanent place to stay is pretty rough for our main protagonist... And so... What adventures awaits him..?


Ace is staring at the people walking by in the town square.

Ace: It's been weeks since I did some action.

Julie walks up to him.

Julie: Jeez. This is your favorite place to stay.

Ace: Isn't it obvious? By the way, where is the guild master anyway?

Julie: We don't know, but we have a hunch that she is coming home right about now.

Ace: I see.

Julie seats beside Ace.

Julie: Hey Ace, can I ask you something?

Ace: Sure... What is it?

Julie: Why are you eager to join our guild anyway?

Ace: That's a very good question. It's because my mom told me a story, and it just feels kinda familiar in your guild.

Julie: hmm..? What story?

Ace: Well, about a guy who fell in loved with a pixie, and so on made a guild just to express his love for her.

Julie: What an interesting story... So you mean that you only joined our guild because you find it familiar???

Ace: Yup, that's pretty much it.
Don't tell me, that you came here to see me just to ask that.

Julie: Oh yeah, now that you mentioned it. We're going to a water park! Isn't it exciting!

Ace: I see. Then, I'll meet you back at the guild.

Julie: Ok. I'm heading back to the guild.

Julie returned to the guild right after she told Ace about it.

Ace also heads back at the guild.

And when he got back... Julie, Max, Trent, Hansel, Gretel, and Ezra are already ready to go to the water park.

Julie: Oh Ace, you're back.

Ace' POV
She got back here at the guild a couple of minutes ago, and she is already prepared to go to the water park.

Ace: By the way, I forgot to ask this, but, whose idea is this anyway?

Max: It was my idea.

Ace: Why though?

Max: Well, you completed my request on defeating Gorgons' Eye. And as a token of gratitude, all of your rewards is going to the famous water park.

Ace: So that includes Julie and the others as well?

Max: Yes. They did helped out after all.

Ezra: Oh enough chit-chat, and let's head out to the water park already!

Ace: Jeez. What's the big deal about this water park anyway?

Ace was speechless when they arrived at the water park.

A 50 feet high slide is at the center of the water park, the slide is circling all around the resort. Below are 10 pools, 5 large pools for adults and 5 pools for the kids.

Ace: That's huge!!

Ezra: All right! Let's have fun!

Ace's POV
Shit, I guess I now know why this place is famous...  Not to mention, there's a lot of people are here today.

Max and the others put down their things and quickly jumped into the pool.

Max: This feels great~

Julie: Hey Ace, come on in, the water's great.

Ace was all soaked up due to the splash.

Ace: I'll catch up with you guys later.

Ace grabbed all their things and rented a place to stay.

Ezra gets out of the pool and head towards Ace.

Ezra: What's wrong newbie? Come on in and join us in the pool.

Ace suddenly had a nosebleed.

Ace's POV
Ezra is so hot in her bikinis. Thank god for this moment!

Ezra: Hey?! Your nose is bleeding! Are you alright?!

Ace: Yeah I'm fine.

Ezra seats beside Ace.

Ezra: Hey Ace, can I ask you a question?

Ace: hmm..? Sure.

Ezra: I heard from Julie and the others that you defeated Thros, What magic did you used?

Ace: I'm not a mage, I just recklessly punched him that's all.

Ezra: Impossible.

Ace: *sigh*  To tell you the truth, I don't know where I got all that strength from.

Ace suddenly remembered being tortured in a room...

Ezra: I see.... Ok, enough of that. Let's go to the pool.

Ezra rushed back to pool.

Ace had a deep thought on what his next plans will be...

Ace: I guess I can't really escape the past...

A few hours later... Everyone is heading back to the guild.

Max: Man, that was fun.

Julie: I agree. We actually deserved to take a break sometimes.

Max and the others noticed something at the guild's entrance.

Max: Hmm.. She's back..

Ezra: Took her long enough.

Ace: Hey? Who are we talking about?

Julie: The guild master... She has returned.

Ace feels pumped up, he is excited to see who is this guild master.

When they entered the guild... It was empty. The lights are still on, but no one is there.

Ace: Are you sure? Because from the looks of it she's still not here.

All of the sudden... 2 guys are running towards them.

Ezra: Trent and Zaldo? What's the rush? Where's the guild master?

Ace leans on Julie and whispered to her.

Ace(whispers): Who is this Zaldo guy?

Julie: Well... Umm... He's our Class S rank 3 mage.

Ace's POV
  Another strong mage heh.

Zaldo: That's why we're running, we we're trying to catch her.

Ezra: Lemme guess, she tried to go around town alone.

Zaldo: That may be her idea.

Max: Geez, she always does this. Furthermore, the town is totally crowded today.

Ezra: Yeah, the festival has started.

Zaldo: Let's split up and look for her.

Altogether: Yes!

The guild master had finally returned, but she went missing just before Ace and the others returned back to the guild. And what is this festival their talking about?

To be continued...

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