Rampaging Rogue

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Ace was surrounded with a black mist. His eyes glows red. His arms regenerated immediately.

Zaldo: I knew it. He's a monster!

Ash: Stand back! We don't know what it's capable of. Not to mention that's still Ace.

Blue: Cage of absolute zero!

Blue created an ice cage around Ace to prevent him from getting anywhere.

Ace holds the ice.

Ace: *Roars loudly*

Blue: Let's see you get through that. That ability prevents anything from getting out.

Ace suddenly punched the ice and it suddenly broke.

Blue: What?!

Ash: Guess I have no choice!

Ash snaps his finger and a really huge explosion appeared in front of Ace.

Zaldo: Did you got him?

As the smoke clears, red glowing eyes are staring at them.

Ash: Does that answer your question!

Ace charged at them, they dodged it and Ace slammed to the wall.

Zaldo: I'm going to take him out!!

Ash punches Zaldo.

Ash: Are you crazy?! That is still Ace!

Zaldo: I don't ca--!

Ash: Would Juniper wants that!?

Zaldo was speechless.

Blue: Uuhh... guys, now is not the time to chit chat.

Ash and Zaldo looks at Ace and was surprised on what they just saw.

Ace lifted the whole coliseum.

Ash: Run!!

Blue: Shouldn't we take him out?!

Ash: In his state, it looks that he can't be defeated by us!

They quickly run to the other direction to retreat.

Ace: *Roars loudly*

Ace threw the coliseum straight at them.

Ash: HEADS UP!!!

Blue: If i freeze this... it'll only become heavier, but if Ash use his explosion on this... debris are gonna fall.

The coliseum dropped directly at them.

Good thing... Blue created an ice dome to prevent them from getting killed.

Ash: Nice, Blue.

Blue: You can say that again.

Zaldo: It's not over yet!

Ace is walking towards them.

Ash: There must be something we can do about him.

Ace dashed and was about the strike a blow.

Blue: Spears of absolute zero!

All of the sudden, the ice dome surrounding them turned into spears and flew straight at Ace.

Ace dodged the 8 spears and he grabbed the last three spears and threw it at them.

Blue: Shield of absolute zero!

A shield was created to each and one of them to prevent the spears that Ace threw. But, the shield was broken when the spears hit it.

Blue was wounded at his right arm. Ash was wounded in his left leg. While Zaldo managed to evade at the last second, but his cheek was scratched by the spear.

Ace roars loudly as he dashed towards them.

Zaldo: I'm ending this now!!

Zaldo rushed towards Ace, but Zaldo realized that he created a small opening, and Ace was about to aim at his vital areas.

Zaldo: Like hell you will!!

Zaldo puts his guards up, but Ace wasn't aiming for his vital areas at all.

Ace bit Zaldo's right arm and ripped it off.

Zaldo was in so much pain on what Ace did.

Ash: Zaldo!!

Ace holds Zaldo up and was about to finish him off when suddenly Ace stopped moving.

Ash looked at the other direction.

???: I was gone for a moment and this happens.

Ash: Thank god you're finally here, Gale of the first seat...

To be continued...

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