Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf (Ongoing) by TheRealMasochist
Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf ( Kazuma
Itami Kurai is killed and sent to another world; given powers by the Gods of the fantasy world and proposed with a choice: Join the Humans and slaughter the demons or jo...
  • opmain
  • adventure
  • powers
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) (B 1) by Hanavy04
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken ( Hanavy Azieyle
Disclaimer!! This story is not mine! Author: Fuse Source: Guro Translation Description: A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his cowor...
  • fantasy
  • shounen
  • webnovel
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The Daily Life of the Scum by HaiRyuuKi
The Daily Life of the Scumby HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Who would listen to a scum? Clearly, if you could/would, then you're in your path to becoming a scum. If you got offended by this, then don't glare daggers at...
  • wattpadcontest
  • fantasy
  • chinesebased
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Shinka no Mi Volume 1 - 5 by Silver_04
Shinka no Mi Volume 1 - 5by Ziver
Author(s) Miku 美紅 Description A class full of idols and beautiful people are sent to another world. However there is one guy who is ugly, fat and smells... our protagoni...
  • shounen
  • romance
  • adventure
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Skeleton Knight, in Another World Volume 1 - 6 by Silver_04
Skeleton Knight, in Another Ziver
Author(s) Hakari Enki 秤猿鬼 Translator: Silver Editor: Kaio (Note: I'm not the Translator!) ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Descriptions: The protagonist fell asleep while playing an o...
  • webnovel
  • supernatural
  • life
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The Glory of Bowsette by Thedude3445
The Glory of Bowsetteby Thedude3445
Bowser, on his last legs and in a desperate act, decides to abandon everything he's ever cared about. But upon obtaining the Super Crown, he finds a new purpose in life...
  • bowser
  • humor
  • mario
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Con trai của Arima Kishou tại dị giới by LongL6102
Con trai của Arima Kishou tại dị Long Lê
Nguyễn Trần Huy Hùng là một đứa con lai giữa bán ghoul và bán nhân, mồ côi mẹ từ năm 6 tuổi, mẹ cậu là một thanh tra chống ghoul của lực lượng AGC(Anti ghoul crime)đã hi...
  • shounen
  • action
  • harem
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Lee Jihoon and the Twelve Vampires by wootothezi
Lee Jihoon and the Twelve Vampiresby oppaya
Jihoon found himself lost in the forest where they camped in the middle of the night. He knows very well, that he is such a fool of not returning to his tent instead of...
  • shounen
  • supernaturals
  • abilities
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Determination - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuOcha (Complete) by undefmidi
Determination - Boku no Hero undefmidi
[3rd place BNHA Wattys 2017] (COMPLETED) - The 1-A class is having tournaments to test their own abilities, but little do they know that the League of Villains is planni...
  • izuku
  • bnha
  • midoriya
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Naruto's Twin Sister (Sasuke Love Story) by Animegirl714
Naruto's Twin Sister (Sasuke SilverAnimeWolf 2.0
What if there's finally someone who cares about Naruto? Like a friend? Or a twin sister? ----------------- Twelve years old, A demon was summoned to destroy The Leaf Vil...
  • martialarts
  • comedy
  • action
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Invisible Performance || A BNHA Reader Insert by Pandesal-Queen
Invisible Performance || A BNHA 🍞🇵🇭バン-キュ♔
Just like Alice in the Wonderland, (Y/n) fell into a weird situation and was given another chance. A chance to be in her recent favorite anime series, Boku No Hero Acade...
  • shounen
  • myheroacademia
  • action
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Someone else's BL Manhwa by MR_LLOYD
Someone else's BL Manhwaby Laurence
قد يبدو سيونغ هي مثل فتى منتظم في مدرسة ثانوية ، ولكن لديه بعض الأسرار: إنه يحب أن يلبس الثوب ويقرأ قراءة كاريكاتير BL. إنه يبحث عن مباراة ستقبله ، لكن زميله سونغتايك ال...
  • webtoon
  • كوميديا
  • دراما
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Reincarnated as a Dragon's Egg ~Lets Aim to Be the Strongest~ by Silver_04
Reincarnated as a Dragon's Egg Ziver
(Note: this story will start from Chapter 118. If you want to find the other earlier chapter here in wattpad go to @dominicpaul123) Author(s) Nekoko 猫子 Description I wok...
  • tragedy
  • isekai
  • tensei
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Flames Intertwining (Katsuki Bakugou Love Story) by MiniNishinoya
Flames Intertwining (Katsuki BakuNoya 💍
"Don't fall into anyone's shadow, you dumbass!" ~~~~~~~~~ When a young girl and her brother are admitted to UA, Class 1-A, holding back a personal grudges, the...
  • kachaan
  • power
  • fantasy
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Reincarnated to Die?! by ChenzyKim
Reincarnated to Die?!by Leo
Sora Hayashi, is your typical otaku who only wanted nothing more than the life she's been living. A good salary that supported herself and her parents, and a comfortable...
  • reincarnation
  • war
  • reverseharem
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I'm The Last Boss Yet I Still Wanted To Become An Adventurer! by Zushikina-kun
I'm The Last Boss Yet I Still Brix Arquisal Directo
Takeru Yukiya is a former Japanese college student who loves role playing games (fantasy type), watching anime, reading manga, light novels and wuxia (simply an Otaku) d...
  • magic
  • reincanation
  • romance
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I Aim to Be an Adventurer with the Jobclass of "Jobless" by kawaiipenguin88
I Aim to Be an Adventurer with ※Ruri~ RuRi※
Without a goal, a boy named Mars Ruina, who spent everyday lazing away, saves a girl named Laina from the attack of a monster. Defeating the monster in an instant, she w...
  • adventure
  • comedy
  • fantasy
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❄LAST NAME || Shouto Todoroki X OC 🔥 by IDKarlee
❄LAST NAME || Shouto Todoroki X ❄️🔥
Bullied for most of her life, Izumi Koumori was transferred to U.A by her Guardian (and older sister), Hato Koumori. Being placed in Class 1-B, Izumi was given the chanc...
  • myheroacademia
  • bakugo
  • anime
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Novus Magus [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 1] #OriginalLN [Completed] by ImperialSun
Novus Magus [Emperor of the Light Nover Creator
How far would you go to achieve your dreams? Many dream of attending Nine Petal Academy, one of the most prestigious magical academies in the land. They must all leave t...
  • funnymaincharacter
  • fantasy
  • wuxia
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Magi One shots by HeartofTheDreamer
Magi One shotsby Monokuma Love
Title says it all. This is a collection of short stories based on the anime series Magi. [Disclaimer: I do not own Magi]
  • jafar
  • fluffy
  • imagines
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