Against Deadly Enemies - Part 1

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Cleo was shocked to see that the dragon from the legends came back to life.

Fafnir: So you're the new generation Hydragon magic user.

Cleo: Y-You're Fafnir! How come?!

Fafnir: I've come to seek revenge!

Fafnir used its tail as a whip to hit Cleo, but she managed to dodge it.

Cleo suddenly saw Ace, who was unconcious at the side of the arena.

Cleo: Shit! He will die if he stay here any longer.

Cleo dashed towards Ace in order to take him away from the battlefield.

Fafnir chomped on the side of the coliseum, he took a piece of the coliseum and threw it at Cleo.

Cleo quickly evaded it, but Ace was buried in the boulder that Fafnir threw.

Cleo was surprised, she doesn't sense Ace's energy anymore.

Fafnir: It's because to all of you Hydragons, I LOST MY SUPERIORITY!

Cleo yelled in anger.

Dragon marks appeared in her face.



Fafnir breathe another round of fireblast at Cleo.

Cleo jumped towards Fafnir and punched it directly.

Fafnir was somehow being pushed back, but Fafnir's wings flapped to cause a powerful gale of wind.

Cleo was blown away and hits the stands.


Julie and the others started the evacuation.

Julie ran back towards the coliseum.

Max suddenly, pulled her hand to prevent her.

Julie: What are you doing?!

Max: Are you nuts?! You'll get killed by that beast

Hansel: He's right. The Hydragon magic users managed to defeat it before, so let's just wait and quickly help evacuating everyone away from this place.

Julie: But Ace is still at the coliseum!

Max: Julie!! Listen to me... I might not be Ace, but if he's here, he wouldn't recommend you to go back there.

Julie: But...!

Ezra suddenly slapped Julie in the face.

Max and Hansel was surprised.

Ezra: Get a hold of yourself. Have faith in Ace will ya.

Julie came back to her senses amd wiped her tears.

Julie: O-Okay!


Cleo is having a hard time fighting Fafnir.

Cleo: *pant pant* For a big target, you sure are tough.

Fafnir: Back at the land of the dead, I managed to eat a certain meal.

Suddenly, he started to grow another two heads.

Cleo: Tch, this isn't going to end well... if only the others are here.

Cleo amplified the firepower on her arms.

At the same time...

Ace's hand moved...


Ash kept on preventing Zero to get her hands on the crystal by causing explosions near the crystal to blow it away.

Zero changed direction and head straight at Ash.

Zero: If I couldn't get the crystal because of you, then I'll just attack you to get it.

Ash snapped his fingers once again to cause an explosion near Zero to prevent her from coming any closer.

But, Zero managed to avoid all of it because of her magic that can turn her physical form to hollow and can get through anything.

Ash inmediately ran towards her.

Zero: How foolish, you sure got a death wish.

Ash suddenly slide below Zero and went pass her because her magic was activated.

Ash managed to get the crystal. Zero dashed towards him once again.

Ash suddenly can't feel his right arm.

Ash: What?!

Zero: While you're left hand is busy holding the crystal, and you can't move your right hand, then you can't attack me!

Ash suddenly realized that when he slide below Zero, she managed to touch Ash's right hand and broke his nerve cells to prevent it from moving it.

Ash: Now this a deadly situation...

To be continued...

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