Chapter 4: Event

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Ace finally got back to the town...

It is midnight, so nobody is in the streets.

Ace thought about if Arturia is gonna be okay.

He suddenly saw that the guild's lights are still open.

Ace head towards the guild.

Ace looked inside, only to see Trent who is still cleaning a bunch of glass.

Ace: I see that you're still caught up in that kind of job eh.

Trent: Oh, looks like someone also stayed up all night.

Ace: I just got back from the Kingdom.

Trent: I can see that. The fact that she also tried to stay up all night.

Trent points at the corner table, and there he saw Julie who is sleeping in the table.

Ace: She tried to stay up all night? Why?

Trent: She waited for your return of course. How rude of you, making a girl wait.

Ace walks towards Julie, who is sleeping.

Ace took off his jacket and placed it over to Julie to prevent her from getting cold.

Trent: What a gentleman.

Ace: Shut up.

The door was opened, and the master came back from another trip.

Juniper: *yawn* I really need some sleep.

She suddenly noticed that Trent and Ace are still at the guild.

Juniper: Look what I got.

Juniper sat down in the counter.

Juniper: Looks like, they're trying to make us participate again.

Juniper took out a piece of paper and showed it to them.

Trent: This again..

Ace looked at what is written on the paper.

"Your guild is selected as one of the participants of this year's "Mystic Games" that is going to take place in the island of Yggdrasil. The winner of the games will receive a dragon's heart which is a mystical object that was taken from the Death dragon: Fafnir. May the best guild wins."

Ace: Mystic Games?

Trent: Every year they held this kind of event, where guilds from across the country will have a competition on who's guild is the greatest. But, the master never let us participate in it.

Juniper: It pisses me off just looking at the prize.

Ace: The dragon's heart that was originally from the Death dragon himself. Sounds like a treasure.

Juniper: Sounds like a fake.

Juniper left the counter and head on straight to her room upstairs.

Ace: Why is she mad over some prize.

Trent: Every year, the prize is always the same. And every year, she gets mad over it.

Ace: That's kinda strange.. well, I gotta go and get some sleep.

Trent: Sure. See you tomorrow.

Ace: Yeah.


The next day..

Ace went over to the guild and saw that the guild members are crowding at the counter.

Ace saw that the master was standing at the counter table.

Juniper: Listen up! This past few years  we never participate in the mystic games. But now, because I am pissed because of the prize, we're gonna participate and win that so-called Dragon's heart and show everyone that it is a fake!

Everyone in the guild agreed on what she just said.

Ace: Participating on the upcoming Mystic games eh. Interesting..

To be continued...

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