The Showdown

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Juniper quickly ran outside of the coliseum.

She stopped and was about to insert the heart into her chest, when all of the sudden, Fafnir grabbed her hand.

Fafnir took the heart and strangled her.

Fafnir: Did you really think you can get away from me that easily?

Juniper: No... but I was able to buy him enough time..

Ace suddenly dashed at Fafnir and punched him. Fafnir was the been blown away this time.

Ace: I don't know who the hell you are. But you can't treat my Master that way.

Ace was serious this time around.

Fafnir: Impossible! For a mere punch to blow me away that easily.

Ace: So you're still alive from that blow eh. I intend to knock you out with that punch, but I guess you look tougher than you look.

Fafnir disappeared out of knowhere and appeared in front of Ace in a flash.

He attacked Ace with the same technique he used on Thros.

But somehow... Ace manage to catch all of his punches.

Fafnir: Impossible!!

Ace: You guessed that right!

Ace gave Fafnir an uppercut and it took a direct hit.

Juniper was in awe on what she just saw.. but as she lay down.. she is slowly losing conscious.

Juniper: You... are indeed... strong.. Ace.



Back at the coliseum. Cleo was resting, and so is Thros who took a direct hit from Fafnir's attack earlier.

Jack immediately helped Thros and left the vicinity.

Jack: You've done your part, master.

Thros: I wasn't expecting him to be that strong. By the way, don't forget to get that girl out of here too.

Jack: What?!

Thros: That's an order!

Jack: Y-Yes.


The showdown between two beings with unknown power are in motion..

Fafnir got back up on his feet and he looks serious than ever. His killing intent was beyond they could ever imagine.

Ace and Fafnir looked at the same direction where the heart is. And they both dashed towards it.

Ace immediately used 100% of his power to grab the heart first. But Fafnir pulled his leg and the heart slipped out from his hand.

Ace jumped and punched Fafnir out of the way to prevent him from touching the heart.

Fafnir: This is getting annoying!

Fafnir stopped from getting the heart and focused at Ace.

Fafnir got serious and his eyes turned red and his muscles grew larger.

Ace was about to punch him but instead he was the one who got punched.

Ace: He's stronger now?!

Fafnir was completely enraged and continues on attacking Ace nonstop.

Juniper looked at what's happening, only to see Ace getting beaten to a pulp.

Fafnir's every hits are causing a shockwave.

Blood begins to spread everywhere.

After 10 minutes of beating up Ace, Fafnir finally stopped.

Ace was out conscious.

Fafnir began to walk towards the heart.


Ace can only see darkness...

And on the other side... he saw another him.

???: Tsk tsk tsk. It's such a pity to see you getting beaten up by that guy.

Ace: Who are you!?

???: Call me Shade. And the one over there...

Ace looked at the other direction  and saw a cage. And inside the cage was a shadowy figure with red glowing eyes and is rampaging inside of the cage.

???: That guy is Rogue. Basically, we're "you".

Ace was utterly confused on what's going on.

Shade: Say... as an early christmas present, how about I give you half of my power.

Ace: What?

Shade: You used all of your stamina on attacking him head on. Plus you'll need it, for you to use your special ability that you couldn't use earlier.

Ace was speechless..

Shade: How about I give you 3 choices. 1, I can give you half of my power. 2, You'll let me use your body to beat that guy up. And lastly, 3, Rogue will use your body, which will lead to 100% succession against him, but I can't guarantee the lives of the people near here. So... what's it gonna be?

To be continued...

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