Rescue Operation!

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Ace and Ash sprints through the forest, looking for a clue that might lead them to where the kidnapper went.

Ace: I apologize for what happened!

Ace asks for forgiveness, due to his failed attempt to save Julie and let the kidnapper escaped with her.

Ash didn't respond and just continued on looking around their surroundings.

Ace: I guess it can't be helped...

Ash: If you're going to apologize, apologize to her once we rescue her from them. Got it, Kid.

Ace: Understood!

Ash found some footsteps.

Ash: The kidnapper was here approximately 5 minutes and 37 seconds from now.

Ace: He knows the exact time the kidnapper was here just by touching the footprints?!

Suddenly, Ace just realized something...

Ace: Wait a minute... Julie and I was at the park 20 minutes ago.... and how come the kidnapper was in this spot 5 minutes ago?? Did the kidnapper couldn't get away in time??

Ash quickly pushed Ace away.

Ace was surprised on what just happened..

The same cloth strip appeared out of knowhere and stucked the ground like a spear.

Ash was scratched by the cloth in his right arm.

Ace: Ash, are you alright!

Ash: I'm fine, it's just a scratch.

???: I'm surprised you manage to dodge my attack in point blank range.
I expect as much from a council member.

Ace and Ash looks above the tree, and it was the same person who took Julie.

Ace: It's him! Wait, does that mean, I almost died?!

???: You're pretty persistent boy. You should be dead right now. Be thankful that an elite was with you, boy.

Ace: Where's Julie!!

???: Hmm... I wonder. Why don't you beat me first, then I'll tell you.

Ash: Ace... we got a problem... I can't use my magic...

Ace: What?!

The person laughed when he heard what Ash has said.

Ash: I see... the cloth was responsible for it..

???: Bingo!

Ace: I'm not getting anything on what was happening at all.

???: I'm an Item Magic Manipulator you see. And my item are these..

The cloth came out of knowhere and it looks like he's an octopus.

???: ...Bandages of Null. These are harder than steel... I can control them like an octopus... and its special ability, is to nullify magic of the person it cuts.

Ace: I guess I have no choice...

Ash: Kid, remember to avoid getting a cut from his weapons...

Ace: Got it! 10% strength on!

Ace jumps high as he attacks the kidnapper. But, the kidnapper dodged Ace's attack by using his magic weapon into a maneuver and switched to another tree.

???: You're fast, boy. But, not fast enough!!

The person used his weapon as a whip and tries to hit Ace.

Ace: Not gonna happen!!

Ace sharpen his senses and dodged the attacks midair.

???: Impossible!!

Ace lands safely on the ground without getting scratched by the weapons.

Ace: I knew that you're going to attack me just like last time, so 20% of my power is transferred into my senses, while the other 20% is transferred into my agility.

???: Looks like I underestimated you, Kid.

Suddenly, a crystal ball floated beside the kidnapper.

Ash: A communication crystal..

(Crystal): That's enough, retreat at once.

???: Heh, I guess my work here is done.

Ace: What?!

Ash: So you were just distracting us in order for your subordinate to get father away with the girl, is that right?

???: Even if you know about it, it's already too late.

The kidnapper suddenly disappeared onto his shadow.

Ace: Shit! We've got no time to lose!

Ash: Wait, Ace. Rushing things will only cause the mission to fail.

Ace: What are you talking about?! They got Julie!

Ash: Don't you understand! We've got no lead on where they are headed!

Ash turned back.

Ace: Where are you going? Hey!

Ash: To the Council.

To be continued...

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