Sparring Partner

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Ace and his team isn't doing any strategy meeting of any sort at all.

Ace: I guess, it will all be decided in the match eh.

Ace just woke up and is staring at the ceiling.

Cleo suddenly woke up.

Cleo: What are saying first thing in the morning.

Ace: S-sorry if I woke you up.

Cleo: Well, too bad once I woke up, I can't go back to sleep.

Cleo gets out of her bed and went to the bathroom to do her morning hygiene.

Ace gets out of his bed as well to do some stretching.

Ace: Alright. I'm ready to start the day.

Suddenly, his stomach growled.

Ace: Whoops, guess I gotta eat breakfast first.

Ace changed clothes and head outside of the room to get something to eat.

When he reached the food court, he saw the guild master and the others eating breakfast together.

Ace: Looks like I'm the only one who's not eating breakfast right now.

Juniper: You sure are a heavy sleeper. We went inside in your room and tried to wake you up, but you won't.

Ace: Is that so? Maybe it's because I trained for hours yesterday.

Julie: Who knew that your roommate is one of the mages that we need to lookout for in the games.

Ace: I was also surprised myself.

Max: My roommate is guy who's with Heaven's Pawn.

Ace: It must be the guy that I bumped into.

Hansel: My roommate is Gretel.

Gretel: Yes.

Ezra: My roommate is a member of the Red Raiders guild.

Julie: My roommate is a member of Heaven's Pawn.

Ace: What about you, master?

Juniper took a sip at her coffee.

Juniper: Nobody. The guild masters are in a different room, an individual
private room for the masters of the guild.

Ace thought of something.

Ace: Can one of you be my sparring partner?

Suddenly, someone placed its hands on Ace's shoulder.

Cleo: I'll be your sparring partner.

Everyone was surprised.

Julie: Who is she?

Max: She's fast! She was already behind Ace before we knew it!

Ezra: She is dangerous. A opponent to look out for.

Cleo: Is it okay if I would be the one to spar with him?

Juniper: Go ahead. We don't mind.

Julie: But--!

Juniper: It's alright.

Cleo: You hear that, Ace. Looks like I'm your sparring partner today.

Ace: I will find out how strong she is.

Ace: But, I need to eat breakfast first.

Cleo's stomach also growled.

Cleo: Now that you mentioned it, me too.

Both of them grabbed a food and eat breakfast.

After that, they immediately head onto the park where there is an open ground, perfect for training.

Cleo: Ready when you are.

Ace: In order to defeat her, I need to give it my all. 100% strength on!

Cleo was surprised.

Ace dashed towards her. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Ace was upside down and hits the tree.

Ace: W-What happened?!

Cleo: You surprised me, who knew that power flows in your body all of the sudden.

Ace was confused on what happened after he blinked in their fight.

Cleo left and heads back to the inn.

Ace looked at his jacket, and there he saw a burned area with a shape of a hand.

Ace: So this is one of the best mages out there...

To be continued...

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