Flame up!

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The next day...

Ace went on a different location to
train. He went to the fields he was once at.

He sat down and remembered the first time he was here.

Ace: Brings back memories. Now then, time to train! 100% strength on!

Ace stood still, containing the 100% power from his body.

Ace: Fighting with only strength alone can't defeat those strong mages in the Mystic games. I need to focus my power!

Ace does a three jabs and a kick. Suddenly, he was exhausted.

Ace: I guess, containing the power is very tiresome. Next, by releasing it. 100% strength on!

Ace did it once more and this time, he exceeded to over 3 minutes.

Ace: Still not enough... when it comes to power, I can compete with them, but when it comes to stamina, mine's pretty low. This is why I often use only 50%.

Ace lay down in the field, resting.

Ace suddenly remembered the training he had with Hansel.

Ace: Fire! That's right. The time that also fought with Jero, my strength represents fire!



Juniper is standing in front of the guild, thinking very deeply.

Zaldo: You sure are very serious lately, master.

Juniper: Is that so...? It's been years since I was last serious on something.

Suddenly, Max dashed in front of them at full speed.

Juniper: Looks like they already started training.

Zaldo: Aren't you going to look after them?

Juniper: No need. They already know what they are doing.


Julie: Looks like I'm gonna use this gift, dad.

Julie took out a golden axe.


Hansel is still reading the book, while Gretel is meditating.


Ezra is focusing her mindin order to create more weapons.


Zaldo: So you're also going to fight?

Juniper: It's only natural. The combat event consist of two members and the guild master.

Zaldo: I guess there's no helping it.

Juniper: I'll show them that that prize is nothing more than a hoax.

Suddenly, a strong explosion occured at the outskirts of town.

Zaldo: What was that?!

Juniper: Looks like he's already prepared. As expected of him.


At the same time...

Ace's hands are both bruised.

Ace: I guess, this is okay.

The boulders in the fields were in ashes.

Ace's hands hurt beacuse of the new ability of his.

Julie heas onto the scene, and there she saw Ace who was sitting in the field.

Ace: Yo, Julie.

Ace waves at Julie. Julie saw Ace's hands were hurt.

Julie: What happened to your hand?!

Ace: I guess it needs some more work.

Julie: I don't know what you're talking about, but we need to bandage those injuries as soon as possible.


After 5 hours...

They went back to the guild.

Max: My training was quite exhausting... I ran around the whole town 59 times..

Hansel: That's more like a torture than a training.

Gretel: Agreed.

Ezra was eating so she can't be disturbed.

Julie and Ace went inside of the guild.

Julie: Hey everyone.

Ace: Yo.

Hansel: Ace, what happened to your arms.

Ace: My training was pretty hard I guess.

Juniper: Good. Now that everyone is here. I just want to say that tomorrow we're heading towards Yggdrasil.

Juniper heads upstairs to her room.

Ace: Why does she need to go that far?

Max: I know right.... I mean, it's just a prize.

Julie: Maybe she has her reasons..


Juniper heard what they were talking about.

Juniper: How could I not, they mock this heart for too long...

To be continued...

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