Drifted from afar

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I immediately stood up on where I was lying down.

I first thought, that I must be dreaming. And all of I see here is just part of the dream.

I began walking across the fields, looking around in awe.

At the end of the field is a countryside town.

"For a dream, it certainly is a memory to remember" I said with a smile on my face.

All of the sudden, a huge explosion occured in the southern part of the town.

I was startled, but I carry on, going to the same spot where the explosion occured.

After a while, I finally reached my destination. And there I saw colonial soldiers fighting with a band of demons.

"This is so amazing! It feels like it's actually real" I said.

I thought that if this is my dream... then I must be the main protagonist. And that means, I have superpowers that lets me fight evil.

I immediately dashed in the center of the battlefield.

"Your days of evil has now come to an end demons, for I am here!" I said mockingly.

One of the demons headed straight at me. I held out my hand as it approaches.

"Have a taste of my power! Kameh--"
Before I even finished what I was saying... the demon slashed my stomach with its sharp claws.

"Huh..? The pain feels very...real" I said, and I screamed in excruciating pain.

One of the soldiers took me out of the battlefield and took me to their camp for aiding my injury.

"You idiot! What the hell are you thinking!" Said the soldier that saved me.

Hours later...

The war was over and as expected... there are so much casualties.

I, on the other hand, was left dumbfounded. The first thing that comes to my mind was that I was almost killed. And the fact that I was... drifted from afar...

I stood up despite my injury and headed straight outside of the tent.

As I looked around, there are many evacuees are gathered all around.

When I looked at my left. I saw someone very familiar.

I headed straight towards that person.

"Lily..?" I asked.

When the person turned around. I was in shocked to see that the person was actually Lily.

"Ash!" She cried as she hugged me.

"Ouch. Not so tight" I said.

"What happened to you!? And where are we?!" She asked.

"I don't know what's going on either" I replied.

"So, you two know each other" said the soldier that saved me.

"Yes, she's my friend" I answered.

"What a councidence that I saved the both of you" He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"When I woke up, I was sleeping in the southern part of the town where a battle was being held. He saw me and immediately saved me" said Lily.

I was surprised in what she said, because she was also drifted here after she woke up... same as mine.

"Thank you very much, sir" I said to the soldier.

"No need to thank me. After all, it's my job. And please, call me Cole" the soldier replied.

"And one more thing..." I said.

"What is it boy" He replied.

"I want to join your army" I said with eyes of courage.

To be continued...

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